There is a classic debate over Atomizer vs Cartomizer vs Clearomizer, what is what?

There are clear differences between the Atomizer vs Cartomizer vs Clearomizer debate. Although studies indicate that vaping is much safer than smoking, there are various things to review before purchasing your first portable hookah or vape pen. Device model, batteries, charging system, functionality, vape juice, flavors, and materials are all areas you need to examine when choosing a vaporizer. Terms like the atomizer, cartomizer, and clearomizer are also quite confusing, especially if you are new to vaping. These three have the same role, which is to atomize the vape juice into an inhalable vapor. However, they depict differences that may influence your choice. Some users prefer vaporizers that feature a clearomizer while others fancy a cartomizer. But which one is best for you, and what are the pros and cons of each? Here is a brief look at critical distinctions, including how they work and who they might suit.

What is an atomizer?

As the name suggests, an atomizer simply converts the vape juice to vapor. An atomizer is the main element of virtually all vaporizers. It features a small heating element that consists of a coil and a wick. The heating element and wick are responsible for turning the e-liquid into vapor. There are various types of atomizers available on the market, so you can pick one that suits your preference. Some atomizers are integral to the vaporizer, while others are replaceable once the e-liquid runs out. You can find cartomizers that feature a cartridge with several atomizers. These are small gauge wires or coils that heat the e-juice. You can find unique atomizers or those built into a cartomizer.

What is a cartomizer?

Cartomizers first became available for vaping enthusiasts in 2007 and was once the most revered design. Cartomizers are still very popular today and are similar to atomizers. They are the heating element of choice in many e-cigarettes. These vaporizers feature unique foam that is pre-soaked with e-liquid. The foam also contains two or three vape coils that heat the e-liquid. Cartomizers have larger tanks and hold more e-liquid than clearomizers and atomizers. They are also easy to fill. When a cartomizer’s life is coming to an end, it produces a burnt dry taste. While some cartomizers are refillable, most e-cigarette models require disposal when the e-liquid runs out.

What is a clearomizer?

Clearomizers became famous in 2009, providing significant improvement from the cartomizers unveiled two years earlier. They are the latest editions of vaporizers and are slightly expensive than other alternatives. A clearomizer is quite similar to an atomizer, just a different design. They feature a see-through polycarbonate plastic or Pyrex glass tanks that offer enough transparency to determine whether you need to add more e-liquid. Like atomizers, there are various designs of clearomizers. Some models use a wicking system, while others rely on gravity to pull the e-liquid. You can also find devices that depend on capillary action. Most clearomizers feature larger cylindrical tanks that can hold more e-liquid than atomizers and cartomizers.

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Which one should you choose?

There is no single best option for everyone’s needs. Atomizer vs Cartomizer vs Clearomizer all have their unique benefits and demerits. Each group also has several models, and some brands are generally more appealing than others. When making a decision, it is essential to note the merits and shortcomings of each model.


A clearomizer is desirable, for it is easier to use and does not involve more fiddling. Clearomizers have a larger capacity to hold the vape juice, and you can easily track the level of liquid inside your tank. They also offer a longer lifecycle and stronger flavor. You can also find rebuild-able models that feature a replaceable coil. However, clearomizers can retain flavor from the previous vape juice, and they are more expensive than the rest. Some models also require you to tip the vaporizer to access the leftover vape juice.


Cartomizers are common in e-cigarettes for one primary reason; they are effortless to refill. Clearomizers are relatively easy to work with, but they can get messy quickly. Cartomizers are effortless to refill even for absolute beginners. They can also hold more liquid and provide longer experiences. Cartomizers are also affordable and easy to rebuild once taken apart. However, they feature a polyfill material that can make the flavor dull. What’s more, it retains the previous flavor and may not be suitable for heavy vaping.


Atomizers are ideal if you prefer to try out different flavors or to drip. Unlike cartomizers and clearomizers, atomizers do not retain flavor from the previous vape juice. They are also inexpensive, feature a simple design, and are easy to take apart, rebuild, and refill. Nonetheless, rebuilding may require considerable skill. Atomizers do not have any particular disadvantage. However, you may need to refill the tank several times if you are a heavy vaper. This, of course, depends on the model you use. Some atomizers do not have this problem.

Purchasing a vaporizer

There are several things to consider when choosing a vaporizer. While the heating element is a significant aspect to review, you should ensure you have a high-quality vaporizer. Even with the best atomizer or clearomizer, your sessions will remain horrible if draws, batteries, charging systems, and other elements are faulty. From the ease of use and maintenance to ergonomics, LED displays, functionality, and aesthetics, choosing a vaporizer does not require any hastiness. With so many options, you might pick cheap quality devices that leave you with a poor experience and taste. It is recommendable to look up user reviews and expert ratings before making a decision. Reliable vaporizers like Permanent Holiday‘s pen will enjoy a good reputation among users.


Vaping is a convenient way to deliver the key benefits of cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol). It is also safe, discrete, and convenient compared to smoking the traditional joint. There are numerous vaporizer brands and models, and while some reflect premium quality, others use cheap materials and sub-standard parts. You should take the time to review the brand and model before making a decision. More importantly, you should ensure your vaporizer can work with the material you use. For instance, if you prefer to dry herb, Fenix offers a variety of CBD flower including blueberry muffin and sour space candy, making no need to purchase a vape pen that uses e-liquid.

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