Boost your Athletic Performance with CBD!

Can CBD Make me More Athletic?

A serious athlete is all too familiar with aches and pains. This bodily stress is what allows us to make progress in our performance. However, without sufficient self-care, physical trauma and bodily injury may also result. In search of restorative healing, athletes are beginning to rally against ubiquitous western medicines like NSAIDS and morphine that are highly addictive and toxic. Today, many are turning to Cannabidiol, or CBD as it has the potential to improve sports recovery and safer pain relief. 

Anti-Inflammatory Magic

Cannabidiol is showing great promise for athletes. It is a natural compound derived from the hemp plant with anti-inflammatory properties that may fight muscle cramping, spasms, and soreness.  Cannabinoids bind to CB2 receptors, which reduces cytokine (cell messengers) production and induces this anti-inflammation. 

CBD and Sleep for Athletes

CBD may also improve an athlete’s quality of sleep and in contrast, increase energy levels during the day. How does this work you may ask? CBD may act to return your body to homeostasis and reduce anxiety levels by promoting serotonin accessibility in the brain. Consequently, you reset your sleep-wake cycles. This can get you both the rest and energy boost you need. 

The Caveat

A note to athletes: Although CBD is not a banned substance in sports, some CBD products labeled “full-spectrum” contain 0.3% THC. These THC levels may show up on a drug test. You may be at risk of a doping violation if a significant amount of THC is found. Be sure to do your research and shop at reputable brands.

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