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At Come Back Daily, we take pride in carefully curating what goes on our shelves. It is our goal to provide the latest, purest, and most effective CBD products available on the market. What’s more, we value building relationships with the brands we represent, so that we can stand by their mission, their story, and their product.

For example, a company we can stand by is Papa and Barkley. They are a team of caregivers, scientists and professionals dedicated to family-inspired cannabis-based CBD and THC medicine. The RELEAF line started as a son’s mission to ease his elderly father’s back pain. This all began with “Papa’s” immobilizing health condition that placed him in hospice. Consequently, the original Papa and Barkley balm was first and foremost formulated for his treatment and proper recovery. Their company stands in the name of unconditional love inspired by “Papa” and the family’s loyal pit bull, Barkley. 

Papa and Barkley is now a best-selling brand in California that sells world-wide. We stand by their relief salves made from all-natural ingredients grown on the farms of Colorado. Papa and Barkley has formulated an incredible artisanal blend of natural CBD, beeswax, antibacterials, and poignant essential oils from peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus plants. Therefore, a topical application of this herbaceous product applies warmth and relief directly to the affected area.

Papa & Barkley – Hemp Balm

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Papa & Barkley – Hemp Drops 900mg