Can CBD Help Treat Acne?

Can CBD Help Treat Acne?

CBD skin care for acne

Acne is the worst. Not only are these pesky little infections unsightly, but also they can trigger painful areas of inflammation and leave serious scarring. This can create damage to the face, chest, shoulders, and upper back. Unfortunately, many medications for this particular ailment contain harsh chemicals that don’t help to treat it. Instead, they cause further irritation. What’s worse is that sometimes these solutions have negative side effects including depression and suicidal thoughts. So, can CBD skin care help treat acne?


In good news, CBD is heralded as a new and natural method of blemish control! Its anti-inflammatory properties may reduce the severity of acne and even possibly prevent it! Learn more about the best CBD skin care for acne.


Firstly, this compound is effective at calming the inflammation of underlying tissue.

Secondly, the sebaceous glands have their own endocannabinoid receptors that are receptive to CBD. Nourishing these glands with CBD may regulate hormones and unnatural oil levels. This could very well bring your skin back to equilibrium, leaving you with a healthy glow.

Thirdly, CBD might help manage stress by allowing for more dopamine accessibility in the brain. It is commonly known that reducing stress prevents the triggering of acne.


You might treat acne conditions with either a CBD oil, topical cream, or low-dose oral supplement. You can shop one of our products in-store or online!

The Life Flower Care Conscious Wash is a miracle worker. The lemongrass scent is an uplifting anti-depressive that may prevent any acne growth. Moreover, this soap is a great antiseptic that can kill bacteria, while revitalizing your skin with organic CBD isolate.

The L’Fleur Skin Fix CBD Hand and Body Lotion is ideal for blurring out those dark spots, scars, and rashes. The full spectrum CBD works with wild mushroom Chaga to supply powerful oxidation and adaptogens to the skin.

The Undefined Beauty Indigo Rose Elixir helps hydrate, brighten and rebalance your skin. The CBD isolate is fast absorbing and works synergistically with the 16 other plant based oil blends in this serum.