Can CBD Make You Tired?

can CBD make you tired

Is it true that CBD can make you tired?

One of the biggest concerns regarding the usage of CBD is often wondering about any side effects. Can CBD make you tired? CBD belongs to a group of compounds called Cannabinoids, which have a myriad of effects from person to person. When you choose to buy CBD, it’s important to read about the specific products you’re purchasing. Most CBD products won’t make you tired, but there are definitely CBD products specifically for sleep, that people swear by.

Scientific researches have shown that normal CBD products do not induce general signs of fatigue or tiredness. Hence you do not need to worry about it. To make this point even clear we will answer the most asked question, ‘can CBD make you tired’? Let’s learn more about how CBD works.

How does CBD work?

Let us first know, can CBD make you tired’ and then about the mechanisms by which CBD works. People are often confused regarding the working principle and have several questions in mind such as Can CBD make you tired? Is it good for your sleeping cycle? How does it promote sleep? Etc.

We all have an Endocannabinoid System (ES) installed in our body that operates whenever an exogenous source of cannabinoid is supplied into the body. This system has two components or receptors known as CB1 and CB2. CBD Studies on entering the body binds with the CBD2 receptors. These receptors are linked to various systems in our body through which it can operate different functions across the body.

can CBD make you tired

What role does CBD have in maintaining sleeping cycles?

CBD has a term attached to the list of functions and that is ‘anxiolytic’. This means that it relaxes the mind and body and keeps stresses away. CBD can act in two ways to stimulate the sleeping cycles in a human body.

  • Firstly, as already mentioned, it can act by relaxing and soothing the mind and body alike so that a sensation of calmness prevails for a long time. If your body or mind is free of stress, it is natural that you will feel better and might as well just fall asleep due to the comfort. This CBD Sleep Spray has helped people struggling with sleeping.
  • Remember that only when you are exposed to a high-quality CBD, it will show the above-mentioned functions. This is because high-quality compounds do not contain high amounts of THC or any other ‘addictive’ ingredients that can make you feel tired. So, the answer to the question ‘Can CBD make you tired’ lies here.


CBD has been reported to be greatly effective in people struggling with sleeping disorders as well, as several CBD for sleep products seem to work for many people.  According to them, it does not make them feel lazy or tired, instead boosts them up after they wake up from a peaceful undisrupted sleep. CBD has changed several lives in this respect.

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