Can Pets Have Human CBD Oil

As CBD oil makes its way into the pet market, more owners are excited to understand how the compound can benefit their beloved buddies. Veterinarians agree that the use of CBD oil for pets could curb the need for several drugs, especially targeted towards pain management, that could have adverse side effects on their health. Also, the mental health benefits of CBD oil can aid in fighting depression and anxiety in a similar way to that of humans.

But one of the most common questions that arise among pet owners is, can I give human CBD oil to my pet? Owners are often confused about the health risks of exposing human medication to pets, and this skepticism extends to CBD also. Well, the short answer to the question is a big YES. But to address common concerns, let’s explore why human CBD oil will work well with your pets.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

The science behind the interaction of CBD with the human body, in fact, forms the basis for why these effects extend to pets. The cannabinoid compounds of the cannabis plant, such as THC and CBD, interact with the CB receptors of the endocannabinoid system to regulate and control several functions. The presence of the endocannabinoid system in several species of the animal kingdom, including your pets such as dogs and cats, indicates that the biological interaction works similarly. All mammals with a fully functional ECS may respond positively to the use of CBD oil.

Is your CBD oil THC free?

Although human and pet CBD oil use similar extraction processes and ingredients, there are certain parameters to evaluate before you use your CBD oil for your pet. When you shop for CBD oil, one such parameter to look for is the source and THC level. CBD oil with a THC content of less than 0.3%, derived from the hemp plant, is the best choice for your pets. You can browse every CBD brand in one place and find the best one that suits you.

The emphasis of eliminating THC from any cannabis product for your pet is to avoid chances of marijuana toxicity. Although the level of toxicity may not be as severe as in the case of humans, it could lead to discomfort in your pets. Hence most CBD products targeted for your pets try to utilize the benefits of CBD without carrying even traces of THC as a precautionary measure. Consuming CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC is generally safe when administered in the prescribed dosages. But this could cause several side effects in high doses, so beware of how much you use.

Why Use Isolates?

Any CBD oil you are using belongs to one of the three categories: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. CBD isolates are the best choice of CBD oil for your pets.  Both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum contain a palette of terpenes, flavonoids, and other chemicals that could initiate harmful effects in your pets, even in small doses. Using CBD isolates ensures that your pet consumes the highest quality CBD oil with about 99% concentration.

How to use Human CBD oil for your pet?

Start low

Although human CBD oil is non-toxic to pets, the dosage levels may vary from the typical limits you use. Most CBD products for pets contain a lower concentration of CBD as compared to products for us. It is to avoid a sedative or sleepy effect on them. Also, even slightly higher doses of CBD could cause stomach problems and lead to diarrhea. Even though these effects are temporary, it is best to avoid exposing your pets to heavy doses to eliminate the chances of falling sick or experiencing any discomfort.

The best way to achieve the exact dosage limits for your pets is to match it with their size and weight. There are three different levels of dosages: low, medium and high. Starting with 0.05 mg of CBD, you can double the dosage for higher body weight. If you feel the dosage may not be appropriate, you can give your pets 2 doses per day.

Evaluate the strength of your CBD oil to understand the concentration of each drop before you administer it to your pets. If a bottle indicates 100mg of CBD, and the volume of the container is 100 ml, then the concentration per drop of 1 ml is 100mg/100ml – 1mg. This information will guide you on how many drops are necessary for your furry ones.

Avoid fillers and sugar


Posted on: June 29, 2020

Written by: Jeffery Thompson

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