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Why Come Back Daily is the Best place to buy CBD in NYC and Online.

By Isabella Stewart | July 18, 2019
Why is Come Back Daily “NYC’s most trusted shop” for CBD oil? Our reputation and mission is to provide the absolute cleanest, most effective, and most user-friendly CBD products in the market. It’s all too easy in this brand new…

CBD Gifts to Add a Sexy Sizzle to Date-Night !

By Isabella Stewart | July 17, 2019
If you’re looking for the perfect way to spice up date-night, look no further.  We’ve put together a specially curated list of the most romantic CBD products for you! Get ready to light some candles, play some music, and spark…
ONS Clothing Pop-Up by Come Back Daily

Come Back Daily Beat the Heat at O.N.S Clothing Pop-up

By Isabella Stewart | July 16, 2019
On one hot summer day, Come Back Daily hosted a pop-up event at O.N.S Clothing conveniently located next to an ice cream shop. Guests, family, and friends gathered at the O.N.S clothing store to not only dwell in the cool…

Real Talk: What We Saw at Humble Bloom’s Session for Men

By Isabella Stewart | July 15, 2019
Come Back Daily took part in Humble Bloom’s Men’s Session: Achieving Homeostasis in Vulnerability, Wellness & Cannabis Consumption. The cannabis community gathered at The Assemblage to engage in an emotional workshop exclusively for men. The highlighted discussion was how cannabis…

CBD Yoga can Awaken Introspection

By Isabella Stewart | July 13, 2019
Come Back Daily has yoga experiences in partnership with SANNA CBD. This means that you can learn more about the mental and physical benefits of yoga and CBD combined. You might be interested in joining this new health wave! Sensibly,…

Women Grow Summer Shindig at Come Back Daily

By Isabella Stewart | July 12, 2019
How did we Celebrate 7/10 this year?  Come Back Daily partnered with Women Grow to host a summer shindig at our East Village location. The 7/10 party had a CBD dab bar for guests to taste test our pure CBD…

CBD Books to pack in your Beach bag!

By Isabella Stewart | July 10, 2019
Are you packing your beach bag this weekend? If so, don’t forget your summer reads! Here are a few books to deepen your knowledge about CBD and pack alongside your sunscreen! This selection is curated by our staff at Come…
Terpenes are important for our health. CBD hemp

Why are Terpenes Important?

By Isabella Stewart | July 8, 2019
So what Exactly are Terpenes? Terpenes are essential oils that define each variation of cannabis or hemp. This packs them with flavors like citrus, berries, mint, and pine. Knowing what they are will enhance your appreciation of cannabis whether you’re a…

Our Furry Friends can Benefit from CBD too!

By Isabella Stewart | June 20, 2019
CBD for dogs – Help them stay calm during the Fireworks! So you’ve probably made it to this blog post with some knowledge of the many health benefits CBD can have on humans, but did you know that CBD is…
CBD Extraction Methods - CBD - NYC - Come Back Daily

CBD Extraction Methods

By Will Brako | June 2, 2019
At Come Back Daily we are focused on providing our customers with the highest quality CBD possible so it is important to understand how some of our CBD products are made.  To get CBD from the hemp plant, there is…