CBD for Going to Sleep? Try these 5 Amazing CBD Products for Bedtime.


What is CBD?

Many people have been looking into CBD for sleep and more restful nights but what really is CBD and what does it do?  Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is one of the main cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system, which helps your body maintain a state of balance and stability or homeostasis.  Part of homeostasis is your body knowing when to go to sleep.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD isn’t psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you “high.” Instead, it has a range of health applications, like reducing seizures in people with epilepsy and pain relief from various conditions.

Some research and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD can also help you get a good night’s sleep

CBD for sleep.

We’ve all experienced sleeplessness before. You adjust your sleeping schedule, even cut down on your coffee intake. But, for some reason when it comes time to call it a night it feels impossible to get a decent rest.

At Come Back Daily, our curated selection of CBD products includes those you can trust on a sleepless night. Check out our recommendations below to get the Zzzz’s you need.

cbd pills for sleep

1. MedTerra – Sleep Tablets

Medterra’s dissoluble sleep tablets combine 25mg of CBD with 10mg of melatonin to provide a restful night’s sleep. Just place the tablet under the tongue before bedtime and let it dissolve before swallowing. Each tablet is conveniently scored to allow the user to consume half (1/2) of the tablet if they are sensitive to melatonin. A natural spearmint flavoring also makes these easier to take. Shop Here

Care division tincture with gaba

2. Care Division – Dream 500mg Sleep Aid

The Dream tincture from Care Division is a relaxing blend of ingredients that includes CBD, herbs, and amino acids that can help quiet your mind to promote restful nights’ sleep. Their super sleepy botanical blend includes passionflower, valerian root, chamomile, cinnamon, and vanilla. Passionflower helps reduce anxiety by promoting a boost of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. This helps to calm your mind so you can relax and get a better nights’ rest. Shop Here

best cbd sleep spray

3. NuBloom Botanicals – Nano Hemp Sleep Spray

Discover NuBloom Botanicals’ high dose intra-oral CBD spray for sleep that leverages the healing powers of the hemp plant plus traditional sleep supporting ingredients to help you doze. Their innovative delivery method ensures that you get the results you want, faster. This spray is a best-seller both online and in-store. Shop here.

CBD mints with sleep inducing herbs

4. Mr. Moxey’s – Dream Mints

For those who have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, Mr. Moxey’s Dream CBD-infused mints blend herbs that attend to both in a synergistic way. Formulated to soothe even the busiest of minds and help the day drift away, sending you off to the land of ZZz.

plant people cbd drops for sleep

5. Plant People – Sleep Drops 1440mg

This full-spectrum hemp extract combines either 750mg or 1440mg of CBD with elevated levels of cannabinoids such as CBN and CBC with targeted terpenes for faster-acting relief. The result is a deeper sleep that reduces nightly anxiety and restlessness without next-day drowsiness, thanks to the full spectrum CBD with CBD and CBC. Feel relaxation and tranquility for restorative rest and rejuvenated balanced days.


Should you try CBD for sleep?

If you’ve experienced sleeplessness before, CBD might be a great natural remedy for you. At Come Back Daily we pride ourselves on our curated selection of CBD products.  Our Collection includes even more products you can trust on a sleepless night. We hope our recommendations help you to get the rest you need!