CBD Guide

What are you inetersted in?

tincture 500x500

The most common consumption method.

Great for people who want to vary their doses and want quick, efficient, and reliable results.

Sublingual oils also called tinctures absorb through the membranes under the tongue, can take effect quickly and deliver an exact concentration of CBD into the bloodstream working from the inside out.


Measure your desired dosage with the dropper and squeeze to release the oil under your tongue and let sit for at least 30 seconds.


5 - 20 mins


2 - 4 hrs



Subtle & Easy

Great for people who want an easy dose and may be sensitive to other delivery methods.

Processed through the metabolism, slowly delivering a lower concentration of CBD to the bloodstream. Effects take longer to kick in but usually last longer than a tincture although some CBD is lost due to digestion.


Always start by following the manufacturers dosing instructions.  Swallow the pills or capsules and follow them with water.


30 - 60 mins


4 - 6 hrs



Delicious & Discreet

Great for people who want to enjoy a treat that is an easy pre-dosed size.

Processed through the metabolism like pills and capsules, edibles slowly deliver a CBD to the bloodstream. Effects usually take longer to kick in than most methods, but last longer than a tincture, smoking, or vaping.


Always start by following the manufacturers dosing instructions.  Open, admire, devour, and enjoy.  Best effects when shared!


30 - 90 mins


4 - 8 hrs



Localized effects and easy to use.

Great for workout recovery, muscle strains, or even menstrual cramps.

These are readily absorbed into the skin and can be applied directly to affected areas but enter the pores.  Designed to fight inflammation on specific areas on your body.  CBD cosmetic products do the same but aimed for beauty, not relief.


Apply a small amount of topical product to the affected area and rub in.  For patches, just peel the backing and stick it!


10 - 30 mins





Dogs have about 4x the endocannabinoid receptors as humans.

Great for stressed pets, when fido is in pain, or to help them hate fireworks less.

Endocannabinoid receptors occur similarly in humans and animals, CBD for pets could treat the same conditions as effectively in dogs, cats, and other furry friends.


Follow the manufacturers dosing instructions.  For pet CBD oils put oil in pet's mouth under their tongue. Treats are easy!


10 - 30 mins





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