Your dog can Benefit from CBD too!

CBD Benefits for dogs. NYC CBD Come Back Daily

CBD for dogs – Help them stay calm during the Fireworks!

So you’ve probably made it to this blog post with some knowledge of the many potential health benefits CBD can have on humans, but did you know that CBD is a holistic medicine with possibly just as many health solutions for your dog? This July Fourth, a nice CBD treat could not only help your furry friend celebrate this Independence day, but also relax in the wake of explosive and unsuspecting fireworks. CBD dog treats are a new and hot commodity that have the support of vets and pet owners alike. These treats may serve to decrease neuropathic pain, lower anxiety, control seizures, and even stimulate appetite. If your pet suffers from inflammation and immobility, CBD’s analgesic effects may alleviate associated pain and restore your pet to full health.  CBD, unlike it’s cousin THC, have no psychoactive effects for your dog. Your dog won’t be getting high! He can relax, without getting intoxicated!

How do you give your pet CBD?

There are many ways to give CBD to your dog. Treats often come in the form of a CBD pet tincture or CBD treats. Dosage suggestions are based on the dog’s weight and concentration of the CBD product being used. If you observe mild side effects like disorientation or drowsiness, consider dosing a lower amount. Can’t get your dog too chill!  A healthy range of 0.5 to 5 milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight is just enough as dogs metabolize CBD at much faster rates than humans because they have almost 4 times the receptors humans do. Some manufacturers even have a veterinarian hotline to answer all your questions or concerns.

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