CBD oil vs CBD cream for pain

CBD has recently gained a lot of attention due to its healing properties. Cannabinoid (CBD) is a compound found in the cannabis plant, which can be highly beneficial for several types of bodily pains, inflammations, and other such ailing conditions. There are several forms of CBD available on the market; among such, the most common ones are the CBD oils and creams. At times it can be confusing for the buyer to choose between the two forms. Followed here is a complete guide to help you understand the correct composition and utility of the CBD oil and cream to treat pain. 

The A to Z about CBD Oil

CBD oilis made by the extraction of the compound from the cannabis plant, which is then diluted with carrier oils derived from hemp seed or coconut. It is known in the health and wellness world to treat pain and various other ailments. Since the consumption of it does not make the person high, it is safe and can be an ideal medication for all age groups. The effectiveness of the CBD oils depends on the source of extraction.

How can CBD Oil be used?

Inhalation via smoking or vaping:

One can invest in an electronic vaporizer that allows you to smoke CBD oil, specially formulated for vaping, directly. Or one can easily add the CBD oil to your vape juice. The vaporizer will heat the liquid to produce vapor containing CBD that you can inhale.

Application to the skin topically:

Apply to the skin in the form of a balm or ointment.


One can use oil tinctures that are little bottles resembling eye drops and use the required amount of drops under the tongue. This sublingual application offers higher bioavailability and faster effects.

Ingesting it using edibles:

One can add CBD oil to their food preparations, or buy ready-made CBD edibles from the market. We suggest you check out WYLD CBD.

Why is CBD Oil ideal for treating pain?

The oil is known for its pain-relieving properties. There are various kinds of pain that it can treat efficiently. Such as – Chronic Pain, Arthritis Pain, Migraine Pain, and Cancer Treatment Relief.

CBD oil is a concentrated oil that has an abundance of cannabinoids. When one consumes the oil, they also ingest the cannabinoid CBD. The cannabinoids enter the body and bind themselves to the receptors present in the cells, hormones, organs of the body. By interacting with the receptors, CBD oil can alter how one feels or how they react to external stimuli. Due to this communication between the receptors and cannabinoids, CBD oil can reduce the pain that one feels. A lot of studies are under process to decipher the full utility and potency of the CBD oil. Overall, studies show that the use of oil is a safe and useful treatment for pain relief. To get a better understanding of the wide product range of CBD oil, take a look at a well-known brand like Papa & Barkley that has top quality products on offer.

The A to Z about CBD Cream         

Papa & Barkley CBD cream for pain

CBD cream is one of the many types of CBD topicals. The cream has CBD infused in them to do wonders for your health. It can contain natural ingredients like shea butter, CBD ( in oil or isolate form), beeswax, and essential oils. Apart from nourishing the skin, a CBD cream can also be an excellent remedy for pain. People have been using a CBD cream to treat common skin ailments that cause immense pain and inflammation like dermatitis and psoriasis. The healing properties of CBD present in the cream can provide instant relief from pain, redness, and irritation.

How to use CBD Cream

The application of CBD cream is very similar to the everyday usage of a daily moisturizing lotion. All one needs to do is just rub it on the area under pain and gain localized relief.  However, one must begin with a little dose and eventually apply higher amounts of the cream and observe the effects and progress in the pain relief. Since these creams are made from hemp, it’s application is external with no known side effects.

Why is CBD Cream ideal for treating pain?

CBD creams work perfectly for people who do not like the taste and strong smell of CBD oil. One can apply the cream on dry and clear skin. The skin can easily absorb the cannabinoids present in the cream into the deep layers and bring relief from pain.

The cannabinoids produced by the endocannabinoid system are also identical to the ones that you get from cannabis. These cannabinoids stick to the CB2 receptors present in the skin and interact with them to help alleviate pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD cream can also bring much-needed relief.

Comparing CBD Oil with CBD Cream

CBD oil and CBD Cream have their individual qualities and use. Each possesses a set of unique and distinct characteristics that help in curing different kinds of pain. It depends on the buyer and user to choose between the two options. Both are similar yet different due to its texture, form, and application. The CBD cream is very good for muscular pains and direct application on the skin, whereas the CBD oil is an apt choice for curing all other kinds of pain, such as neuropathic pain and inflammation. An important thing to keep an eye for is quality verifications. If the quality check is on point, then you are good to go and choose freely between either of the options.

Posted on: February 13, 2020

Written by: Jeffery Thompson

Categorized in: Education

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