Work hard and recover harder with these CBD products

Have you heard of your friends using CBD Products for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery? CBD is everywhere these days, and in a variety of forms. You can find it in oils, capsules, gummies, balms, beverages, food—even pet care products.

It’s easy to see why. Clinical research continues to show the benefits of CBD as an anti-inflammatory, and potential for decreasing sleeplessness; both important for muscle repair.

Interested in CBD products for muscle recovery and unsure where to start? At Come Back Daily, we deliver a curated collection of CBD-infused wellness essentials from brands we trust, including Life Bloom Organics, MedTerra, Vertly and more.

Shop these CBD products that can provide natural relief for muscle aches and joint pains:

Life Bloom Organics – Nano Hemp Muscle Recovery Lotion

Make the most of your training sessions with Life Bloom Organics’ muscle recovery lotion. Nanotized hemp extract is combined with magnesium sulfate and functional ingredients for fast-acting superior muscle recovery support. Additionally, Peppermint and vanilla oils leave a minty scent on the skin that’s light and delightful.


Vertly – Bath Salts

Best paired with a tired, stressed out body, Vertly Bath Salts is the dose of wellness you deserve. A clean skincare product with a unique combination of natural healing salts, botanical infusions (think marjoram, yarrow and rosemary) and cannabinoids; formulated to calm the mind and body. Top it off with calming essential oil blends of lavender, lemon and Clary sage; it’s the ultimate relaxation experience for you and your muscles.

Enjoyable – Eucalyptus Pain Ultrabalm

An Ultrabalm that’s fast acting and effective to soothe your muscles relieve aches and pain. Using the natural healing power of Hemp with sweet eucalyptus scents it adds to the refreshing and sensual feel of this healing balm. A must-try product for any athlete!

Bluebird Botanicals – Hemp CBD Sport Lotion

A specially-formulated CBD cream for those with active lifestyles. Made with hemp extract, ginger, arnica, mint, jojoba, and coconut oil. Vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free. Clinically tested and proven safe for skin. Massage a dime-sized amount into target areas twice daily or as needed to restore and rejuvenate your skin’s appearance. This CBD sport lotion is a great CBD Product for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery.

MedTerra – Sleep Tablets

Your beauty rest is important! Sleep enhances muscle recovery through protein synthesis and human growth hormone release. Ensure you’re getting proper Zzzzz’s with these dissoluble sleep tablets. Combining 25mg of CBD with 10mg of melatonin they provide a restful night’s sleep; and won’t leave you feeling drowsy the next morning.

CBD for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Tonic Vibes – 300mg Chronic Tonic Roll On

Pure CBD and a special blend of soothing essential oils in an easy to apply roll-on applicator.  Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper, chamomile, thyme, and rosemary are blended with pure CBD isolate to create a powerful tonic to help support your body for optimal health and relief from day to day wear and tear.

CBD Products for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Cause+Medic – 400mg Pain Cream

Combing the powerful regenerative properties of CBD with other active botanical ingredients, Cause+Medic’s pain cream will provide you with immediate relief from aches, pains, sore muscles and inflammation. Each bottle is packed with 400mg of water-soluble CBD, maximizing its medicinal benefits.

Posted on: January 13, 2020

Written by: Rachel Margolin

Categorized in: LIFESTYLE

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