Come Back Daily partners with Sanna CBD Yoga for a series of restorative yoga

Come Back Daily is expanding our wellness programming by partnering with Sanna CBD Yoga.

Come Back Daily is expanding our reach by partnering with Sanna CBD Yoga. This partnership was crafted in an effort to combine the calming effects of CBD with the meditative benefits of yoga. We bring you a powerhouse combination of healing methods that is a surefire way to refresh yourself and reset your energy. CBD yoga is becoming a phenomena that you have to try. Typically our yoga events see on average, 20 people. Before the yoga session begins, guests are always networking and making new contacts. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons, go outside your comfort zone and meet someone new. You never know who you are going to run into. You know what they say, “It’s a small world”.During the pre-yoga meet and greet we feature products like sublingual oil, pain cream, and aroma infusers. We always bring in the latest and greatest of CBD products for your pleasure.Don’t be intimidated, if you haven’t heard of something, just ask one of our friendly staff members and they will tell you everything you need to know.At Come Back Daily, we are not interested in catering only to the​​connoisseur. We want to educate everyone so that we all can become experts! After checking out our latest products and sampling them, it’s time for some CBD YOGA! CBD Yoga combines the benefits of movement , breathing and meditation with the calming effects of CBD, allowing you to stay present and go deeper into yourself and your yoga practice.Restorative CBD yoga is geared towards all experience levels, and recommended for those who are looking to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain while simultaneously improving body awareness,general mobility and joint health.After you have stretched every muscle in your body, it’s time to try some complementary vegan desserts supplied by a local business. Now that you have enjoyed our spectacular Yoga event,go home and rest up. Tomorrow you will feel rejuvenated like never before. Hope to see you out at our next Yoga night!