Come Back Daily Playlist Vol. 1 – Trip Hop and Friends by Marauding For Ears


“the word maraud means to loot; in this case, we maraud for ears.”

inspired by A Tribe Called Quest’s Award Tour, marauding for ears is a music newsletter & blog written by music junkies, for music junkies.  there are many different paths in the world of music, and as music junkies, exploring the musical wilderness is our passion.  our goal is simply to share music from all walks of life, to “maraud your ears”, hopefully leading you to adventure these paths on your own.  the core of marauding for ears is our weekly e-mail newsletter, featuring a selection of tunes both new and old along with a blurb explaining why we enjoy them (and in turn, why you might enjoy them).  with any luck, you’ll find an artist, an album, or maybe even an entire genre you might not have heard of before that suits your taste in music.

if you’re interested in joining us on our musical adventure, our newsletters, blog posts and e-mail signup can all be found on our website.  now that the introduction is out of the way, let’s get to our first playlist in collaboration with Come Back Daily!

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wikipedia describes trip-hop as being “a fusion of hip hop and electronica until neither genre is recognizable”; as someone that really likes “genrefying” everything, having such a vague definition can be a bit troubling… so for me, trip-hop is more of a vibe than a defined genre.  it has to have some kind of instrumentation, of course, and it typically (but not always) has some hip-hop elements.  but beyond that?  it’s all about the vibe.  there’s more progression in a trip-hop track compared to, say, an instrumental hip-hop track, and it always has some groove to it.  the biggest factor in trip-hop’s vibe , though, is in its introspective atmosphere: it’s the kind of music that opens up the mind and really lends itself to self-reflection.  that isn’t to say other similar genres aren’t introspective, but again, that’s just the vibe i think of when i think “trip-hop”.

for Come Back Daily‘s first curated playlist, we have 42 tracks from 29 different artists totaling a whopping 3 hours of play time.  quite a bit of time was spent adding and removing tracks, but once the playlist magically hit 3 hours on the dot, it felt just right.  trip-hop purists, if such people exist (there are some serious purists out there in most genres, so i guess i wouldn’t be surprised!), might argue that a good chunk of these tracks aren’t trip-hop.  and they’d likely be right!  but i feel that they do fit the trip-hop vibe, leading us to cover quite a bit of ground here: we have some bossa nova (Thievery Corporation), some more electronic-leaning trip-hop (TOKiMONSTA, Barclay Crenshaw), and even some classic hip-hop instrumentals/samples (i’ll let these ones be a surprise).  on the more traditional side, we have a selection of tracks from artists like BonoboNightmares on Wax, and Massive Attack, along with other major trip-hop artists from the last couple decades.  the playlist isn’t in any particular order, so feel free to throw this sucker on shuffle.  plenty of tunes for a chill 4/20 saturday afternoon!  keep it lit, never quit~

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