Come Back Daily’s CBD Flower

Come Back Daily CBD Flower

If you are a fan of Come Back Daily’s own products; such as our coffee mugs or 25mg transdermal CBD patches we have some great news. We just launched our new premium Come Back Daily CBD Flower!

Hemp flower comes in a similar form as marijuana flower. You can add them to a vape, smoke them, or use them to make your own DIY products. It’s important you find a good quality hemp flower if you want the experience to be enjoyable. Just like marijuana or tobacco, if you’re using a poor-quality product it’s simply not going to taste very good and may not give you the level of effects you’re looking for.

Come Back Daily Organic CBD Flower

Before you learn more about our six new strains of premium CBD flower — each one with its own unique flavor and effect profile. Let’s learn more about the difference between CBD flower and Marijuana.

The Difference Between CBD Flower and Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana flowers look very similar. They are almost indistinguishable to the naked eye. Especially as Hemp flower is used in all the way as marijuana; you can smoke it, vape it or even eat it. Here are the two biggest differences between the two plants.

  1. Chemical Composition

Hemp is any strain of Cannabis sativa that contains less than 0.3% THC (the main psychoactive compound in the plant). These strains are used for making textiles, biodiesel, and nutritional supplements such as CBD.

Marijuana is any cannabis strain with more than 0.3% THC by dried weight. Marijuana can include both Cannabis sativa and a related species — Cannabis indica. These strains are used primarily for their psychoactive effects.

2. Legality

Hemp and marijuana have very different legal classifications. Although this can vary a lot depending on what state you live in, essentially, hemp is legal to cultivate and possess, while marijuana is illegal.

With the release of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp cultivation was opened up across the board. It’s now 100% legal for a farmer to choose to grow hemp on their land, as long as the plant they choose to grow produces less than 0.3% THC by weight. No more applications or government inspection necessary.

Meet Come Back Daily’s New Flower Strains

Carefully sourced and selected smokable hemp by the Come Back Daily team. We source the finest USA grown Hemp to bring to you.

We offer our curated strains in Quarter Ounce (7 grams) and Full Ounce (28 grams) resealable airtight bags.

Bubba Kush Hemp

Bubba is great for those who want to wind down after a tiring and overwhelming day. This strain can take you straight to dreamland, knocking out the senses and inducing the most calm, relaxing, and uninterrupted sleep you’ve had in the last decade.


What you’ll notice about T1 is that it showcases exceptional control. With such a high CBD content, you feel very calm but can still maintain  sharp focus, concentration, and clarity throughout the span of its effects. At the start of it’s impact, you’ll feel a sense of well-being, removing stress to give rise to an open state of mind and mental presence. 

Frosted Lime

Upbeat and lively, the Frosted Lime strain is best for those who enjoy an energetic buzz. During that first toke, Frosted Lime hits strong with its potent citrus flavor that tickles the throat. For lower tolerance users, the feeling might be slightly irritating as the strong flavor of lime scrapes against the back of the throat. It brings about a feeling of pleasant well-being and a sense of energy. The light buzz rises through the head and all throughout the body, making you want to move and get things done. In many cases, Frosted Lime can induce a strong desire to create and be productive.

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower is good for relaxing day or night. Reviewers love Sour Space Candy hemp buds for the mellow effects and big flavors.

Altum Verde

Altum Verde provides clarity, focus, slight energy leading into a humble relaxation. Great balance of head and body relaxation. Could help with anxiety and mood. Slightly more Sativa leaning with more focus and less anxiety.


The effects can be relaxing but still stimulating for some. Pinene helps with the fatigue and keeps you up and productive. This can be a great choice for a daytime or nighttime situation.

The Come Back Daily Commitment

When you buy CBD online at Come Back Daily’s CBD NYC Shop, you can trust that you’re getting the best CBD products possible due to Come Back Daily’s curation process. Our CBD experts review and hand-select all of the products in Come Back Daily’s online CBD shop. We review the lab results and test each product before on-boarding new brands. Come Back Daily is the most trusted Online CBD Store, we were voted #1 CBD Shop by NYC Norml. If you have any questions about CBD or what to buy, we’re available most times on live chat, or by email. We’d love to hear from you