With CBD gaining in popularity, and CBD products continuing to explode onto the marketplace, it’s become a “hot” category. But it’s not due to any of the small start-ups that produce it, and have large advertising budgets.

Instead, the benefits of CBD products have become known to the public, mainly through word of mouth. As the compound has worked its way from medical marijuana dispensaries into the mainstream thanks to loosening legal restrictions and the 2018 Farm Bill it’s left a trail of testimonials to its power against many of life’s daily challenges.

Come Back Daily CBD is among the nation’s fastest-growing CBD retail concepts. They have opened store locations in New York City and now Westchester. They were awarded the best CBD store in 2019 by NYC NORML. The virtual consultations with a team of CBD experts and their in-store Discovery Bar encourages conversation about CBD. And, it provides a more personal touch to the customer service experience.

Let’s take a look at CBD products that customers love, and what CBD users are saying about the curated selection of CBD products at Come Back Daily CBD. That can help with pain and inflammation, stress, restlessness, and more.

CBD Products for Stress

WYLD CBD Raspberry Gummies

Raspberry Gummies by WYLD CBD

5 Star Review

“These are so delicious, and the calming effects are almost immediate. I sampled one at the store and ended up buying a bottle. My commute home that day did not feel quite as stressful as it normally does. This is easily one of my favorite purchases at this store. I would highly recommend if you’re looking for something to help you relax.”

– Bellini, July 1, 2020

Ojai Energetics – 250mg Tincture

250mg Tincture by Ojai Energetic

5 Star Review

“At first I was skeptical but now I am hooked. When I know I am about to go into a stressful situation, I use this product and all is calm. My nerves don’t flare up and my skin doesn’t itch anymore in any stressful situation.”

– Tanya McCormick, September 5, 2019

CBD Products for Pain & Inflammation

Terrestrial Roots – CBD Pain Relief Balm

CBD Pain Relief Balm by Terrestrial Roots

5 Star Review

“I love this product, my legs are always in pain since my accident and when I rub this root on them before sleep. I can feel the relief almost immediately.”

– Liz, August 24, 2020

Papa & Barkley – Hemp Balm 180mg

180mg Hemp Balm by Papa & Barkley

5 Star Review

“I love how this product smells and melts into your skin. I use this for overall relaxation on muscles as well as for menstrual cramps to help alleviate pain.”

– A, May 12, 2020

CBD Products for Restlessness

Nu Bloom Botanicals – Nano Hemp CBD Sleep Spray

Nano Hemp Sleep Spray by Nu Bloom Botanicals

5 Star Review

“Like many others who’ve also left reviews, it needs to be stated that THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS!! Two sprays under my tongue 20 minutes before bed and I am out for the night, except for the occasional 2 am bathroom break.”

– Jay, July 3, 2020

Care Division – Dream – 500mg Night-Time Sleep Aid

Care Division Dream Nighttime Sleep AId

5 Star Review

“Works great! I was having trouble sleeping while in quarantine. I had to play around with my dosage, 2 whole droplets were way too much but .25 was perfect. Minimal grogginess and very vivid dreams. I’ve already sent it to at least 5 family and friends. Highly recommend.”

– Cristina C, May 26, 2020

The Come Back Daily Commitment

When you buy CBD online from Come Back Daily, you can trust that you’re getting the best CBD products possible due to Come Back Daily’s curation process. Our CBD experts review and hand-select all of the products in Come Back Daily’s online CBD shop. We review the lab results and test each product before onboarding new brands. Come Back Daily is the most trusted Online CBD Store, we were voted #1 CBD Shop by NYC Norml. If you have any questions about CBD or what to buy, we’re available most times on live chat, or by email. We’d love to hear from you

Posted on: August 28, 2020

Written by: Rachel Margolin

Categorized in: CBD Oil, LIFESTYLE

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