Does CBD get you high?

CBD is an all-inclusive medication that can be used for multiple purposes, but does it get you high? Let’s find out!

Have you used marijuana in your past and are convinced that CBD is the same?

The one question that every user wants to know, is this stuff going to get me high? CBD oil is extracted from marijuana isn’t it? It must be a drug!

That’s the number one question on the mind of every baby boomer, Woodstock survivor and member of Generation X out there.

I’m here today to share with you information about CBD oil and what it actually does to your body. The Endocannabinoid system in your body has a unique receptor that recognizes that the cannabinoid CBD is distinctly different from THC. In fact, the two compounds both come from hemp and marijuana, and both provide medicinal benefits, however CBD does not come with any psychoactive effects, AKA “Getting High.”

Among the many compounds within marijuana are THC and CBD. CBD serves to regulate brain patterns and bodily function, while THC serves to do the same with the added bonus of that “High Feeling.”

Additionally, the molecular components of THC and CBD are exactly the same. However, the composition of how the atoms are configured are distinctly different between CBD and THC. This is the reason why CBD has no psychoactive properties and THC does. CBD is known primarily for its beneficial pain and stress relieving capabilities where as THC is generally known for its relaxation feeling and euphoric highness.