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Cannabis Summit

The Business of Cannabis Summit

Cannabis conference 2019

Sponsoring the Emmanuel Baptist Church cannabis summit was an honor that we will never forget. The 132 year old church allowed us to host the very first Cannabis Summit located in a church. This 2019 cannabis conference was a great reminder of how CBD is are making it’s way deep into the underpinnings of institutions and establishments around the country. During the Summit, we set up a table and sold products to the congregation and other visitors. Just as in our store we allowed guests to sample our products before purchasing them. The response we received was spectacular and beyond our expectations. 

Some of the Brands we featured were:

The summit was aimed to educate and empower the Emmanuel Baptist Church congregation about the overall market and workings of the cannabis industry. Being able to participate in the event was exciting and just pure fun. The energy was powerful and there was never a dull moment within the church. CBD has come very far, and in today’s society, we are seeing that consumers are searching for real alternatives to addictive pain medications. During this 2019 cannabis conference at Emmanuel Baptist Church, we highlighted all the medicinal benefits that CBD possesses, and many attendees were shocked by the studies and research that has gone into CBD. Be sure that you are notified the next time we have an event or customer appreciation spectacle planned. Add this blog to your favorite webpages so you can frequently check if we have anything coming up. Don’t forget that we are opening a new location in Harlem this April. See you there for the Grand Opening!