So, Who Uses CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) and products associated with it is no longer a mysterious herb with little-known benefits to humanity. It is now a mainstream product that has found a wide range of uses all over the world.

In equal measure, it has attracted debate relating to its usefulness, legal framework, scientific proof of efficiency, as well as the standards and guidelines for its growth, processing, and commercialization. What is clear, though, is that going forward, there will be a growing market and widespread acceptability of CBD oil and other derivatives. Finding out who uses CBD, will become more common as more people discuss their experiences with CBD.

But who are the beneficiaries of CBD products? In this article, we look at a category of CBD users who are probably not as known.

1. Pet Keepers

The use of CBD oil amongst pet lovers is on the rise, thanks to its beneficial properties. The availability of several CBD oil products for pets is an indication that many people are embracing them.

Perhaps from the natural association between man and dog, these pets are among the biggest beneficiaries of CBD-infused products. In spite of this growing popularity, veterinarians advise a cautious approach to the use of CBD products in animals.

Currently, there is no sufficient scientific backing supporting the benefits of CBD oil for dog food or any other pets, but several studies are underway. A study conducted to assess anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, and safety of CBD oil in dog food brought back positive feedback. It reported that 80% of dogs given dosages of CBD oil had an improvement in pain relief and mobility.

Another study found epileptic dogs to have fewer seizures after consuming CBD alongside seizure medication. However, this is an area that requires further scientific verification, and guidance from a veterinary could be helpful. So Who uses CBD? You can check pet owners off this list!

Who uses CBD dogs

2. Parents

Who uses CBD? Yup, parents. Every parent wants the best for their child. In pursuit of this happiness for parent and child, some seek the best medication for complex ailments such as seizures, epilepsy, autism, and other mental illnesses.

There is sufficient evidence that CBD oil contains properties that could help deal with these conditions. One of the most famous cases of medicinal properties of CBD is that involving a six-year-old girl whose epileptic seizures reduced from 300 in a week to less than one. Her story spread so widely contributing to the revolution of the cannabis industry.

Apart from being suitable for your kids, CBD oil is also good for parents as they age. Growing old makes bones lose the density thus exposing them to fractures. Studies suggest that CBD oil can help in strengthening the bones and in reducing inflammation. 

3. Healthcare Providers

Whereas some health care professionals openly support the use of CBD oil, others are still skeptical. Some have used the available information to recommend CBD dosages to their patients for chronic pain, arthritis, cancer, among other diseases. It is because of this reason numerous stores have opened up providing products containing cannabidiol. They can recommend top-quality CBD products from stores, like Come Back Daily to help you get the dosage that you are looking for. 

In the treatment of schizophrenia, for instance, one study reported that in a controlled trial conducted on 88 people, there was a significant improvement in cognitive processes and a considerably low level of psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations. As knowledge on this subject grows, there is hope that more healthcare providers will embrace it.

Researchers also argue that CBD oil can help in managing cancer. From the research, they found that CBD fights the growth of cancer cells which prevents further spread of cancer in the victims. However, there is still a need for more research to ascertain these claims.

These studies are among those affirming that CBD is useful for various conditions. From the results of the studies, its clear that CBD oil has enormous potential for revolutionizing treatment in the healthcare sector.

4. Sportsmen

Sportspeople expose their bodies to lots of stress, from training to actual participation in the games. Due to the long exercising sessions, their bodies are prone to wear and tear which causes injuries and pain. Although there are pain management medications, some of them have dangerous side effects. This is why most of them are resorting to the use of CBD oil products.

The benefits that CBD oil deliver are relaxation and relieving pain in muscles, calming the mind, as well as energizing the body. As a result, many athletes are resorting to using CBD oil for various purposes.

Besides, leading sports agencies are offering support to the use of marijuana. The recent removal of CBD oil among the prohibited substances is a huge breakthrough to sports enthusiasts who use CBD oil. It allows them to pick on suitable products for various conditions.

As an athlete, adding CBD oil to your diet enables you to restore the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to its normal functioning. ECS plays a crucial role in maintaining homeostasis by ensuring that the neurotransmitters are at the required levels. One can get the dosage of CBD even with edibles online for easy consumption.

Who uses CBD


There are several known elements of CBD products that are so far very helpful to humanity. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects on users, which makes it a suitable treatment option. As knowledge through scientific research continues to broaden this space, expectations are that there will be sufficient supportive policy structure geared towards demystifying CBD.

For the time being, CBD oil and other associated derivatives like twisted extracts continue to give relive to hundreds of users around the world. Noteworthy advice to users is to have adequate knowledge of any product they choose to use.

Posted on: February 11, 2020

Written by: Jeffery Thompson

Categorized in: Education

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