Harlem Soft-Opening


This February 28th marked the beginning of a great historical accomplishment for Come Back Daily. We are proud to announce that, This February 28th was the day we opened our doors to the Harlem Community. CBD is taking the nation by storm and sweeping through all 50 states at a breathtaking speed. It is with great pleasure and honor that we take park in the revolution that CBD is bringing our great country.

During our soft opening in the Harlem community, over 100 people came out to support and spread the message of the expansion that Come Back Daily is undergoing. What a fabulous event it was, and a truly inspiring moment for the overall community of CBD takers. Many of the attendees were first time CBD users and very enthusiastic about the benefits CBD can bring. Our greatest passion at Come Back Daily is helping individuals find solutions to their chronic aches and pains. By spreading the knowledge behind the powers of CBD we can say that as an organization we are truly living our dream. During our soft opening we sold products to help patients explore the newly discovered benefits that CBD can offer. We are 100% sure that more than a few attendees at our opening event will become lifelong patients of CBD.

In partnership with the East Harlem Preservation Alliance, we were able to host a successful event that was able to also spread awareness of local business in the community. We featured Juice by local Juicery “New Level Juice”, and vegan cheese demo bites by Herbas company. By creating a win-win-win situation Come Back Daily was able to spread awareness of CBD Oils, promote local business, and empower the community with the knowledge of alternative medicines. Our official grand opening is planned for April, we can’t wait to see you there!