How does CBG make you feel does it have Any Effects On Your Senses?


How does CBG make you feel?

Cannabigerol or CBG is a recent finding in the wellto this Cannabinoid group of compounds. Although we may find its successful isolation in the 1960s, its use in therapeutics started a lot later in the 2000s. the major reason behind this was the less abundance of the compound in the plant and high-cost to procure it as well. CBG has recently got immense hype across the world. Let’s learn how How does CBG make you feel, and further, what is CBG?

Does it have any side effects?

  • Despite having so many beneficial functions and actions the major question arises regarding its side effects. The reason behind these questions is CBG’s origin. As we all know, all Cannabinoids are sourced from marijuana or traditional hemp plants, which is scientifically known as Cannabis sativa.
  • Also, one major compound called THC could have some adverse effects on your body, which is why many people do their research before using CBG or CBD. So, let us just address the big question, how does CBG make you feel? Will it make you intoxicated?
  • A straight answer to this question is NO!! CBG will not make you feel intoxicated or high. Cannabigerol is a mildly psychoactive drug but it is not psychotropic. On the other hand. CBD Studies or THC, which are the more popular cannabinoid derivatives are psychotropic.
  • If you, intake CBG at higher concentrations it might induce some mild sense of euphoria and a moderate amount of relaxation of your muscles and brain. But there have not been many reports of people getting dizzy or intoxicated even after taking a higher dosage of CBG.

How does CBG make you feel

Use it safely to get a better result

  • CBG is completely safe to administer and the major reason behind this is, it is the primary component of the Cannabinoid derivative producing pathway with highly conjugated and saturated carbon molecules.
  • The percentage of unsaturation in its chemical bonds is less which makes them easy to be broken down by our digestive systems. That is why the chances of getting dizzy get less.
  • You should always be safe when thinking about trying something new, so consult with a doctor of a physician or nautropath if you’re feeling anxious about trying CBG or CBD.


The Federal Government of the United States of America has not induced any regulation on the therapeutic usage of Cannabigerol based supplements. FDA has also used no such guidelines regarding its intoxicating abilities as such. Hence we can safely say that using CBD oils or related supplements cannot give you any signs of intoxication or dizziness related symptoms.