How Much CBD Should I Buy?

How much CBD Should I buy?

If you’re wondering “How Much CBD Should I Buy?” Here’s a little CBD Dosage guide to pull you out of the dark. Learn Proper CBD Dosage & How Much CBD To Buy.

Since doctors cannot prescribe cannabinoids, there isn’t a universal dosage that can be recommended. In fact, most medical schools don’t even teach CBD therapy. For this reason, this is solely an informational guide. To be extra careful, you should still consult your doctor before taking any CBD.

The most important thing to understand when starting out with CBD is that everyone metabolizes CBD differently. Now let me clarify. Variables including weight, diet, genetics, environment, product consistency make dosage kind of a nightmare to navigate. A staff member at our store, Come Back Daily, can personally guide you through our different CBD products to help you find a product that works best for you. 

Our Guideline on Dosage

To start, you should begin your CBD journey with the minimal suggested CBD dosage of any product. From there, you can build on your intake. As a base point, we would recommend 25 milligrams of CBD to be taken twice daily. You may choose to take an additional 25 milligrams every three to four weeks until you get desired results. 

Understanding Absorption Rates

Another important aspect of CBD is how you ingest it. CBD will be absorbed by your bloodstream in different quantities depending on the consumption method you have chosen. For example, sublingual methods (tinctures) are around 12-35%. Oral methods (edibles, capsules, drinks) are around 4-20% absorption. Topical methods (lotions, balms, creams) have a variant absorption rate. Smoking the actual CBD flower has a 30-50% absorption rate. Finally, a vape method (cartridges, pens) may give you 30-50%. These percentages are important to consider when determining your dosage!

Have fun and be safe! You can shop our highly effective, clean, and third party lab tested products in our store and online!