Is CBD legal, what states have banned it?

The legal system is always a tricky thing to navigate. Read this article that explains the legality of CBD oil.

Are you ready to begin taking CBD but don’t know the legality of it. Keep reading!

Is CBD legal? This is the question on everyone’s mind. Will you get in trouble for trying to cure your illness? Whether CBD is legal or not depends on two factors, is your CBD hemp derived or is your CBD marijuana derived? As it stands on the federal government list of schedule one drugs, marijuana-derived CBD is listed because of the very tiny amounts of THC that remain after extracting the CBD.

However, hemp-derived CBD is 100% legal all across the United States of America. Since the federal government and independent states have different laws you want to consider the laws of the state to determine if marijuana-derived CBD is legal for you in your home state. For example, although federally illegal, in California recreational marijuana is legal and there is no need for any prescriptions or licenses to consume marijuana. Because of this, marijuana-derived CBD is legal in the state of California.

While marijuana-derived CBD is legal in the state of California, it is illegal on the federal level. If you live in a state where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes or medicinal purposes then you may consume marijuana-derived CBD with no problem. However if you live in a state where recreational or medicinal marijuana is not legal then you only want to consume hemp derived CBD to prevent any fear from breaking the law. It is really simple, if marijuana is legal in your state than marijuana derived CBD is also legal. However, if marijuana is not legal in your state, then you want to only use hemp-derived CBD to stay legal.