CBD Benefits for Alzheimer’s Disease?


With CBD picking up in popularity, the benefits and health effects are becoming more known. But are there any true CBD benefits for Alzheimer’s Disease? CBD for Alzheimer’s sleep is being touted as a great alternative sleeping aid for those who struggle getting solid sleep. Let’s look a bit further:

People are constantly looking for medicinal alternatives that are natural and organically sold in the market. With the recent boom of CBD and other cannabinoids, it has gained fame as a very real natural alternative. At some point throughout life, odds are you or a loved one will experience some sort of health issues. Going organic is becoming more popular, because if you fill your body with artificial chemicals and toxicants, it will worsen, and potential conditions could arise. For this reason, millions of people have turned to the use of daily CBD to in hopes of improving their overall health, mixed with an organic diet.

CBD for Alzheimer’s sleep

Benefits and properties of CBD

  • CBD Studies related to Alzheimer’s Disease, and CBD in general has shown time and again that this class of cannabinoid has the potential of helping sleeping disorders and can  potentially aid in a better sleeping pattern. In this article, we will discuss why people have started using trying CBD for Alzheimer’s sleep.
  • Alzheimer’s disease has a well-connected network with the Immune system. It has a proper link with Inflammation of all the immune responses. It has been noted that inflammation can worsen the disease.
  • During inflammation, oxygen stress gets elevated due to the excess release of oxygen molecules in the brain. Oxidative stress can impair the brain health and functions. CBD has shown positive signs of acting as a potential use case for helping oxidative stress and some have stated it acts as an antioxidant.
  • In one of the CBD Alzheimer’s studies in 2011, it was observed that CBD “also reverses and prevents the development of cognitive deficits in AD rodent models.” “The studies provide “proof of principle” that CBD and possibly CBD-THC combinations are valid candidates for novel AD therapies. Further investigations should address the long-term potential of CBD and evaluate mechanisms involved in the therapeutic effects described.”

Why can CBD be helpful for Alzheimer’s?

  • With a serious neurological disease like Alzheimer’s Disease, it becomes impossible to calm the mind and maintain a healthy mental state. As a result, CBD for Alzheimer’s sleep is being touted as a potential natural remedy to to fall asleep.
  • With the combined effects of oxidative stress and inflammation, maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern is very difficult for those struggling with Alzheimer’s. However, with CBD and its multi-functional properties, it has shown positive signs of helping to calm and stabilize the mind through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. CBD is still undergoing medical studies and clinical trials of treating Alzheimer’s disease.

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