It is a stressful time in our history, and it’s important to remember that humans are not the only ones suffering. As communities face fear and uncertainty, doubt can disrupt the normal way of life, even affecting the choices we make about our companion animals.

Now, more than ever it is important to help the animals in our communities. Consider fostering or adopting from local shelters or rescues. Which is why Steven Phan and Waseem Ghattas, founders of Come Back Daily reached out to our friends at the non-profit organization,  Hearts & Bones Rescue to see how we could assist, and find their adoptable dogs a loving forever home.

So let’s meet these 4 adoptable dogs from Hearts & Bones Rescue!


Rosalia An Adoptable Dog from HBR

Say hello to gorgeous Rosalia, a 1-year-old 40lb cattle dog mix looking for a home in or around NYC. Rosalia is a very energetic youngster who hasn’t had much training in her past, but has made great strides in her foster home! She’s housebroken and crate-trained, and will continue to thrive with an adopter ready to give her a structured routine with lots of physical and mental exercise. She adores people and is very sweet, but when she gets excited she can get very jumpy and play-bite for attention. She needs to learn boundaries and have a consistent outlet for her energy. Rosalia adores other dogs and is currently loving sharing a home with her canine fosters siblings. Apply to make Rosalia yours at


Jujube an Adoptable dog from Hearts & Bones

Say hello to Jujube, a sweet 1-year-old lab mix looking for a forever home in or around NYC! Jujube is a playful and energetic pup who loves long walks, runs, and games of fetch. He gets along great with other dogs and is always happy to make new canine friends. Jujube is wary of strangers though, especially in his home, and needs a patient adopter who can help him build his confidence. We also think he would do best in a home without children given his initial anxiety in new situations. Jujube is housebroken, crate trained, and fully grown at 53lbs. Apply to adopt Jujube today at, and our adoptions team will be in touch over email!


Kirstyn an Adoptable Dog from Hearts and Bones Rescue

Meet Kirstyn, a three-year-old, 53-lb pittie gal who bonds strongly with her people and is looking for someone she can put her whole trust in. Kirstyn loves her people, and is happiest when she has a structured routine and understands what’s expected of her. She tends to get anxious in new situations or when her people leave her, and can be unsure of how to respond sometimes. She feels the need to protect – even when there’s no need for protection. All that assumed responsibility and confusion she takes on can be stressful, which has at times led to aggression before we implemented a structured training routine with her.

That’s why Kirstyn needs a family willing to work with her to show her what’s okay to do, what’s not, and that they’re in charge and can handle things themselves. All she has to do is relax and be the cute, sweet pup she is. Kirstyn is currently working with a trainer to continue learning how to be her best self. She’s already catching on and doing very well. We’re looking for experienced adopters who will be able to keep that kind of structure up and continue to advocate for her. We’ll require that Kirstyn’s adopters continue to work with the trainer to keep her on the road to success and #nostress. She may take a little extra effort at first. but this girl is so, so worth it! Take the first step to learning more about adopting Kirstyn by filling out an adoption application at


Sitar Adoptable Dog from Hearts & Bones

Meet sweet Sitar, an 8 year old black lab mix looking for a home in or around NYC! This gal is originally from Texas and recently travelled to NYC, where she’s loving life in her foster home. She’s super friendly, loves people, and gets along great with other dogs! Apply to adopt Sitar today at, and our adoptions team will be in touch over email!


Posted on: February 9, 2021

Written by: Rachel Margolin

Categorized in: Pets

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