CBD Infused Snacks for Those Midnight Munchies

CBD Infused Snacks for Those Midnight Munchies

CBD Infused Snacks

The clock has struck midnight and you’re still rolling around in bed with your eyes wide open. To make insomnia even worse, you’ve got the munchies. It’s time for a well-deserved midnight snack…..CBD infused snacks are your best friend in this situation.

CBD Infused snacks may be the perfect fix for you if you’re one of those sleep-deprived, hungry night-owls. CBD may provide relief from pain and anxiety, act as a mood stabilizer and promote a calm sense of well being. With that said, edibles are just really delicious and will satisfy all your cravings.

Sleep is essential for recharging and resetting your energy. So, we highly suggest you prioritize it! Here are our favorite CBD edibles to help you get the peace and rest you really need. 

Three Must-Try CBD Edibles

Lagom Teas

Let us start with a calming tea. “Lagom” means “just right” in Swedish. This perfectly describes the experience of sipping on a cup of Lagom’s Bedtime Tea infused with high grade CBD, organic lavender, and organic chamomile. This tea is formulated to combat headaches, irritation, and inflammation. Bedtime’s aromatic herbs and hemp oil gives us the relaxation we need to wind down after a long day.  

Gron CBD Chocolate

For me, a midnight snack always means a bit of chocolate. Grön CBD chocolates may help relieve pain, quell anxiety, and satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. Furthermore, Grön offers the most diverse variety of CBD infused chocolates on the market. Above all, this is our personal favorite: 

WYLD CBD Gummies

If you’re not a chocolate person (which would be really strange), and you prefer a different kind of sweet snack, WYLD Gummies are a fabulous alternative. WYLD is Oregon’s leader in cannabis edibles. The gummies are composed of all real fruit and 500 milligrams of broad spectrum hemp extract. What’s more, this product is completely THC free, but you get to enjoy the calming properties of CBD and the many other cannabinoids in the hemp plant. And you’re in luck because we carry all flavors from blackberry, huckleberry, lemon to raspberry! 

Illustration by @agathesorlet