Nano CBD Sprays for Every Need


Nano CBD Sprays for Every Need

Experience the benefits of Nano CBD sprays by Nu Bloom Botanicals. They combine 100% organic hemp with targeted ingredients and traditional botanicals to support your common wellness needs. From daily balance and energy, sleeplessness, muscle relief and soreness to common PMS discomfort, and playful intimacy elevation.

But first let’s understand their method to make their products, and the benefits of using nano-enhanced CBD.

Water-Based Broad Spectrum Oil and Isolate Nanotechnology:

They use an exclusive water-based formula that breaks the broad spectrum hemp oil down to a molecular level. This allows for higher bioavailability (body absorption rate), and accelerates effect.

Nano CBD

Exclusive Microbatching Process:

For best quality control, they use a microbatch technology. Which means that they make their products in small batches. This allows for stricter quality control, and ensures that the hemp oil does not have time to be degraded by outside elements.

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For Sleep

This high dose intra-oral spray that leverages the healing powers of the hemp plant plus traditional sleep support ingredients to help you doze. With an innovative delivery method, it will ensure you get the results you want, faster.

Free from harmful toxins and pesticides, you’ll love how this organic hemp spray helps you get a more restful night’s sleep without feeling groggy in the morning.

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It’s easy to cancel plans, especially when menstrual cramps hit. Using this nano hemp PMS spray will make hibernating in bed a thing of the past.

Formulated with their signature organic, US-grown hemp oil extract combined with traditional ingredients it helps ease common PMS discomfort (think – bloating, fatigue, mood swings, menstrual cramps) and provides fast-acting PMS relief.

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For Balance and Energy

When groggy feelings hit midday, don’t reach for a caffeinated beverage. Instead energize naturally. Feel refreshed and get a healthy boost anytime using their hemp-based Wellness spray.

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For Intimacy

This spray combines nano CBD with cordyceps, horny goat weed, and yohimbe bark. The result is a formula which can help you relax, and get you in the mood to enjoy the moment.

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For Muscle Recovery

Nano CBD Muscle Recovery Spray

This muscle recovery formula is perfect for athletes, yogis, and fitness buffs. When ‘Nano’ hemp extract is combined with ingredients such as turmeric extract, glucosamine sulfate, L-carnitine L-tartrate, creatine ethyl ester HCl, and beta alanine- it can support the body during and after intense activity.

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