Podcast Recap: “How He Does It” with BOND OFFICIAL

Podcast Recap: “How He Does It” with BOND OFFICIAL

BOND OFFICIAL is an online destination for men with ultramodern minds. Through interviews, and opinion pieces they address the various facets of modern male culture directly – with unswerving truth and authority. BOND also offers their readers and the community an opportunity to get an inside look into the minds of today’s male thought-leaders and gain understanding about what it takes to be on the up-and-up – in the fields of fashion to lifestyle, the arts, and more.

Hosted by BOND OFFICIAL’s founder, Igee Okafor and Art Director, Marcus Richardson, the podcast, “How He Does It.” establishes a relationship with its listeners by holding uninhibited interviews with various voices of male culture – from fashion, to lifestyle, the arts and more.

Understanding CBD in the Mainstream Market

As CBD continues to transition into the mainstream with a diversification of products ranging from skin ointments to beverages, and edibles alike, curiosities of its foundation, and projected $2 Billion business is following suit. 

To make sense of it all, Cannabis activist and co-founder of Come Back Daily, Steven Phan was a recent guest on the podcast that also kicked off the first episode of their second season.

The episode gives listeners a candid look at Steven’s upbringing as a first generation Chinese Vietnamese, as well as the hype of CBD in mainstream culture, and what Come Back Daily is doing to maintain its integrity.

Listen to the Episode

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