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Harlem Soft-Opening

By Will Brako | April 21, 2019
This February 28th marked the beginning of a great historical accomplishment for Come Back Daily. We are proud to announce that, This February 28th was the day we opened our doors to the Harlem Community. CBD is taking the nation…

Emmanuel Baptist Church Cannabis Summit

By Will Brako | April 20, 2019
Sponsoring the Emmanuel Baptist Church cannabis summit was an honor that we will never forget. The 132 year old church allowed us to host the very first Cannabis Summit located in a church. It was a great reminder of how…

Women’s Empowerment Month Kick Off Panel Recap

By Will Brako | April 19, 2019
This past Friday, March 1, 2019 was the kick off of Women’s Empowerment Month. The entire month is going to be filled with inspirational and educational events that are designed to increase awareness surrounding women’s empowerment.Come Back Daily kicked off…

Come Back Daily partners with Sanna CBD Yoga for a series of restorative yoga

By Will Brako | April 18, 2019
Come Back Daily is expanding our wellness programming by partnering with Sanna CBD Yoga.

Why CBD is so effective for pain relief?

By Will Brako | February 18, 2019
Why have so many people come out in support of CBD? It is because it provides effective pain relief when you need it and where you need it. Don’t suffer any longer!

Why is CBD becoming so popular?

By Will Brako | February 18, 2019
There has been a surge of interest into CBD, and rightfully so. CBD is proving itself to be the new player on the field. Discover why!

What are doctors saying about CBD?

By Will Brako | February 18, 2019
Are you curious what doctors are saying about CBD? Read more to see how CBD is making its way into modern medicine.

Is CBD legal, what states have banned it?

By Will Brako | February 18, 2019
The legal system is always a tricky thing to navigate. Read this article that explains the legality of CBD oil.

What is isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum CBD?

By Will Brako | February 18, 2019
CBD oil comes in many forms. Let’s learn in what forms you can enjoy CBD oil
There are many different forms of CBD. Discovering which one is right for you can be a tricky task. Today we will talk about the differences between CBD isolate, full spectrum and broad spectrum. By knowing the differences between the three you can discover which one is appropriate for you.

Does CBD get you high?

By Will Brako | February 18, 2019
CBD is an all-inclusive medication that can be used for multiple purposes, but does it get you high? Let’s find out!