Going under the blade is never a good time. And no matter if it’s spinal surgery, tumor removal, or a transplant, surgery recovery can be painful. Surgeons and doctors may prescribe opioid painkillers to manage pain after the procedure.

But these pills can be addictive and come with numerous side effects. As a result, many patients want a diverse pain reliever and are looking to Cannabis for pain relief after surgery. Relying on research that shows cannabis helps ease the pain for other medical conditions, those who must get surgery need to know. Patients intend to cultivate weed seeds for their supply of medical cannabis. Is it safe to use cannabis after surgery?

Post-Surgery Alternative to Opioid

The opioid epidemic is no longer a vague secret. Many in this country suffer an addiction to these robust pain relievers. But many of them began the path to their addiction after being prescribed painkillers after surgery.

Though many doctors now hope to prescribe less of these drugs, some patients still face the outcomes of these prescription pain pills.

But how about weed? Is it safe to use cannabis after surgery?

It only makes sense that before surgery opens that rolling up homegrown cannabis and smoking some THC and CBD would not only lessen anxiety but also put a patient in a place of comfort.

But don’t smoke marijuana before the operation. Smoking can have adverse effects with anesthesia, With either small or extended use of opioids, patients grieve of constipation. This is an untamed series. As patients use more opioids for pain, resulting in constipation can create more pain and the sequence begins anew. That is not an issue with cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Marijuana Joints on White Background, Close Up

Is It Safe to Use Cannabis for Post-Surgery Patients?

A lot of research has shown the negative effects of prescribed opioid pain pills after surgery. But research is still in the works on the effect of cannabis use after an operation.

Just across the pond in the European continent, they have examined the effect of a cannabis plant extract for treating pain after surgery. This extract was given to a total of 65 patients who had just recently had surgery.

The researchers gave them a dosage of the drug. The results were clear and positive. As the dose raised, patients felt less pain. But the extract did have some side effects like nausea or raised heart rate along with these more eminent dosages.

Still, cannabis showed it was useful for use after surgery, presenting ideal pain relief with few side effects. 

In addition to the benefit of dodging an overdose, cannabis lessens pain and increases the appetite. The increasing appetite for chemotherapy patients is well documented, but the value of eating after any surgery can’t be overstated. Eating foods high in protein provides wound healing. Cannabis often lessens pain, nausea, and vomiting, whereas opioids can really increase nausea and vomiting.

Safest Means to Consume Cannabis for Post-Surgery

The medical industry and marijuana policy still have a path to go before anyone can get a cannabis prescription after surgery.

But for those who just had surgery seeking to use homegrown cannabis indica strains to manage pain, consider healthier means of getting high. Instead of smoking, try edibles, tinctures, or oils.

Side Notes

Smoking can also increase the amount of coughing and sputum in a patient which can be an issue for a post-surgery. If the patient is a very loyal user of homegrown cannabis, it is crucial to tell the doctors and anesthesiologists about the use. It may seem absurd to talk to the doctor about using weed, but it’s worth it for your health.

Coughing can interrupt the healing process. And even though you might be a boss at bong rips, picking something like vaping might keep the body more comfortable and open to healing.

Bottom Line

Granted, the use of cannabis to manage pain post-operatively only concerns the cases where its medical use is legal. In a condition where there is a process for acquiring cannabis, the stigma is reduced. Whereas, in places where medical marijuana is not legal, purchasing it from an unapproved seller is clearly a legal non-starter. And remarkably awkward for law-abiding citizens.

So, should you favor medical marijuana post-op instead of opioids? That’s a decision that is all up to the patient. However, as cannabis is more commonly approved for medical use, it’s an action you may like to recognize, or at least be able to discuss with your doctors.

About the Author

Natalie Gray is a Biochemical Engineer. She works on the Research and Development team that focuses on the design and construction of unit processes. Also a recreational marijuana supporter, her love for organic chemistry brought her to medical cannabis.

She grows her own flowers, working on different projects and studies everything above and under cannabis roots. Click here to learn more about her

Posted on: March 12, 2020

Written by: Natalie Gray

Categorized in: Education

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