CBD Pills and CBD Capsules

CBD Pills and CBD capsules are great for people who want an easy dose and may be sensitive to other delivery methods. They’re subtle & easy.

When you take CBD pills or CBD Capsules, the CBD is processed through the metabolism which slowly delivers a low concentration of Cannabidiol to the bloodstream. This can have very positive effects because as the pills or Capsules break up inside the body, the low concentration may last longer providing you extended relief.

The effects of this method usually take longer to kick in than a CBD oil or CBD vape but they usually last longer, although some of the CBD is lost due to digestion and absorption with what’s in your stomach. When any infused product, oil, pill, or capsule hits the digestive system, a fair amount of the Cannabidiol is lost due to your stomach acids. For full efficacy, we suggest holding high-quality CBD oil under your tongue for a minute or more. However, many people are accustomed to taking pills and supplements, and if this is easy for you, then CBD pills or CBD Capsules are a great way for beginners to take CBD regularly. LEARN MORE ABOUT CBD PILLS AND CAPSULES…

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