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Akeso (Greek: Ακεσο, pr: ah – kee – soh) was the goddess of healing(wounds) and curing (illness).

Workout > Hydrate > Recover > Repeat!


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Akeso is the only odorless, colorless, tasteless Broad Spectrum 12mg CBD water on the planet.

1. Akeso is the first-ever 100% fully verifiable food or beverage in the United States
2. 3rd party tested and verified
3. See what’s in every bottle via blockchain backed QR code
4. 100% recyclable bottle
5. Proprietary broad spectrum technology with pure, clean water taste
6. Provides more electrolytes than the most popular fitness beverage (without any sugar)
7. Excellent for post-workout recovery.

Akeso’s water is supercharged ionized alkaline water for the cleanest, purest product.
They remove the bitter-tasting terpenes creating a 7.9pH (or higher) ionized balanced water
Delivering more electrolytes than the most well known, sports drink without any artificial…anything
Purification is done through microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet exposure making our water 99.9% pure.

Made from organically grown hemp.
The complete plant profile is reflected in their full-spectrum oil, containing all cannabinoids naturally found in hemp.
Rigorous testing ensures that the critical attributes; taste, color, potency, and purity consistently meet customer’s demand.
CBD embodies the interests, attitudes, and culture of individuals looking for healthy, effective alternatives to supplements, drugs, and treatments that can be harmful to them and their loved ones.

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2 reviews for Akeso Water

  1. Lisa

    Awesome water for working out. Helped relieve soreness from my workout

  2. Todd

    Best water to bring to gym! Tastes amazing and has 12mg of CBD. AWESOME

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