Care Division – Mend – 1000mg Healing Pain Relief Aid


An end to inflammation.

Hemp and Black Cumin Seed combine to help promote an end to pain and inflammation.  Thymoquinone, a powerful ayurvedic compound found within Black Cumin Seed Oil, works with CBD to support extra strength pain relief.  Use it daily to support recovery, combat pain, and target inflammation.


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This seemingly simple combination can help put an end to common pain and inflammation while helping you feel more whole in your day to day life.

Our formula blends 4 simple ingredients that work together to promote tissue repair and reduce uncomfortable aches and pains.

First, Vitamin E helps to repair strained muscles while Ginger Oil helps boost your mood when you are feeling down and fatigued. CBD Isolate works to reduce inflammation while Thymoquinone, a powerful ayurvedic compound found within Black Cumin Seed Oil, provides extra strength relief. Although Black Cumin Seed Oil is primarily used internally, it is also very effective topically for minor aches and pains, and supports the skin, promoting a clear and healthy complexion.

Use this tincture daily to expedite recovery, combat aches and pains, and reduce inflammation. The Black Cumin Seed oil gives this blend an exotic flavor, so we recommend sprinkling this on your favorite savory food (ours is tacos) or adding a few drops to a bloody mary (alcohol not required). It also works great as a natural facial serum to aid in the relief of breakouts.

More about the company: Care Division is a female-owned and operated company based out of Basalt, Colorado that focuses on synergistic and holistic solutions to health and wellness needs. In a marketplace full of confusion, Care Division provides a quality, handcrafted product that you can rely on every day.  

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