Foria Awaken CBD Arousal Oi

Foria Awaken Arousal Oil

Natural Arousal Oil with CBD & Synergistic Botanicals
Experience the world’s first intimate massage oil made with broad-spectrum CBD and synergistic botanical & aromatic oils. This multi-aphrodisiac blend is formulated for women, to enhance tactile sensation & pleasure while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness.


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Foria Awaken is Foria’s beloved multi botanical CBD arousal oil.

For ease of use, 1 oz Awaken features a spray top. Made of 9 plant-based aphrodisiacs…and nothing else!

Independently lab tested for purity and potency (results here)
Eco packaging: recyclable glass & metal, 100% post-consumer paper
Broad-spectrum CBD from hemp organically-grown in the USA
All-natural & organic ingredients in organic-certified MCT oil from sustainably-grown, cold-pressed coconuts
No additives, preservatives, phthalates, parabens, synthetic ingredients or THC and cruelty-free.

Not for use with latex or polyisoprene protection

We wrote an in-depth Foria Awaken Review and CBD Sex lube guide, check it out!

Foria Awaken certificate of analysis latest batch 0015B (A0008).

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Foria Awaken FAQ's:

Will I pass a drug test if I use Foria Awaken arousal oil?

Yes, you will pass a drug test if you have used the Foria Awaken Arousal Oil. There is a small amount of THC in most CBD products but typically not enough to test positive on a drug test.

How much CBD does Foria Awaken have?

If you are curious how much CBD Foria Awaken has, listen up! Each Foria Awaken has 34 mg of CBD, and varies between 30mg – 34mg of CBD. It’s a small amount that adds a nice touch to a sexual experience. You can view the latest batch of Foria Awaken CBD arousal oil above in the product description. Foria Awaken certificate of analysis batch 0015B (A0008). If you’re still wondering how much CBD is in Foria Awaken, read this again 🙂

What are the Foria Awaken ingredients?

When asking what are the Foria Awaken Ingredients, the answer is very elegant. Foria Awaken has Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Whole-Plant Infusions (Hemp that is grown organically) it also includes the Organic Essential Oils Cardamom, Peppermint, and Cacao Absolute. Grown Kava Root, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, and Organic Vanilla are also included in the Foria Awaken Ingredients.

How to use Foria Awaken

If you’ve wondered how to use Foria Awaken, or are confused about where to find the Foria Awaken directions we’ve got you! Here are your Foria Awaken Instructions: Foria Awaken is a CBD Lube, used as an all-natural arousal oil or oil used for an intimate massage. Foria Awaken is designed to enhance sexual experiences. Massage directly onto the clitoris, and inside the vagina to instantly begin activating your body’s natural relaxation and sensual response. Applying Foria Awaken inside the vagina provides the fastest absorption. We are all unique humans, be sure to experiment and find out what works best for you!

Where to buy Foria Awaken online

You can buy Foria Awaken arousal oil online, right here! at Come Back Daily’s online CBD store. We offer free 1-2 day shipping nationwide.

How long does Foria Awaken last?

Everyone’s body is different, so Foria Awaken will last different periods of time for each person. But on average, you will notice Foria Awaken begins to work quickly after application. Experiment and figure out how much you need, and when to reapply more.

Is Foria Awaken edible?

Technically, yes Foria Awaken is edible or lickable. Although regulations and the way this oil is designed, does not promote it for consumption. (Although it tastes great!)

Is Foria Awaken safe?

Yes! Foria Awaken is safe, and you will LOVE it. Please read our notes below about Condoms and Foria Awaken arousal oil.

Can I use a condom when using Foria Awaken?

Because Intimacy Lubricant is oil-based and can degrade latex and poly-isoprene, Foria Awaken recommends using oil-safe condoms barriers like polyurethane or nitrile condoms. This will help protect from STIs and pregnancy (or lambskin for prevention of pregnancy but not STIs).Several major condom brands offer polyurethane condoms. Just be sure they’re “poly-urethane” NOT “poly-isoprene.”

Who shouldn't use Foria Awaken?

Make sure that both you and your partner are NOT allergic to coconut or hemp. Please read the ingredients listed above.

Can I use Foria Awaken with sex toys?

Yes, you can use Foria Awaken arousal oil with sex toys. Be sure that you select (non-latex) toys.

Will Awaken help with my vaginal dryness due to menopause?

According to Foria Awaken, and their thousands of happy CBD lube customers, many women going through menopause report relief from vaginal dryness when using Foria Awaken.

Does Foria Awaken have a scent?

Yes! Foria Awaken smells wonderful. It has a coconut and peppermint tone.

Can I use Foria Awaken with another lubricant?

Yes. If you use another lubricant during sex, (be sure to apply Foria Awaken FIRST.) Then wait at least five minutes for it to absorb and you feel its full effects, then apply your normal lubricant.

How will Foria Awaken affect my male partner?

Foria Awaken was created for women and the skin of a woman. It will be used as a glide and moisturizer for your male partner.

Is Foria Awaken safe to consume orally?

A very common question! Yes, you can consume Foria Awaken orally, it’s very tasty…You will enjoy it 🙂

What else should I be aware of?

Foria Awaken is an amazing CBD lube / CBD Arousal oil but please read the ingredients to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients. Also, keep away from Children, and pets.

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