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Written by: Rachel Margolin

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It has been a difficult year, and it seems like the global death toll resulting from COVID-19 shows no sign of pausing, making it a time of grave concern. With no medically preventive measure such as a vaccine we are left with hand washing, social distancing, and face masks to help us fight back against the invisible enemy. But did you know that all masks are not created equal? Learn more about the benefits of wearing a hemp mask!

Researchers are discovering that different styles and materials play a large role in efficacy. Hemp, with its natural germ-fighting abilities and rugged durability, may offer superior protection against infection.

Cotton Face Masks vs. Hemp Face Masks

Most natural fibers are at odds, and it is no different when considering cotton and hemp.

The majority of DIY and mass-produced face masks are made from cotton. It’s easy to find, inexpensive and has been shown to provide some benefits against virus transmission. But is a cotton face mask really the best?

According to one study  published in the journal American Chemical Society Nano, it found that multiple layers of fabric significantly reduced incoming and outgoing particles.

This is because cotton masks are made of single pieces of low-thread-count materials, such as 80 threads per inch — the most common kind used in DIY masks, and had fairly abysmal ratings for filtration efficiency. However, an 80 TPI cotton mask has an efficiency between five and fifty-five percent. And that’s only if it’s worn correctly, without gaps. Another downside is that as these cotton fibers become extremely soft, the fibers break down and the mask tends to feel ragged and worn out after a few washes.

Hemp on the other hand is different then cotton.

Hemp, possesses many similarities to cotton, from becoming softer with each wash to naturally yielding comfort. However, the advantage of hemp is its endurance and tensile strength. Unlike cotton, hemp does not get damaged after each wash and that’s why hemp face masks are stronger, last longer, and are as comfortable as cotton.

Unlike cotton, hemp fabric blends are amorphous, which means they are more likely hold their shape.

More Benefits of Wearing a Hemp Face Mask

Before we dive into more benefits of wearing a hemp face mask, Come Back Daily CBD loves the Hemp plant because all of our 300+ CBD products are made using extracts from Industrial hemp grown in the U.S.. Shop our new Hemp/Cotton Blend Face Masks for maximum comfortability. They are triple-layered constructed, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and biodegradable. Since our hemp cotton masks are entirely handmade, there can be slight variations in the measurement and the color.

Hemp Fabric Mask Grey

And, and check out our video, The Top 3 Facts about Hemp. Here are more benefits of wearing a hemp face mask include:

They are Antimicrobial and Possesses UV-Blocking Properties

Although cotton reduces body odor while absorbing moisture, it seems like the most appropriate choice for a warmer seasons, like summer because of its substantial breathability. Hemp, being a natural fiber, possesses similar breathable properties to cotton while having additional antimicrobial properties. Which means, they smell better for longer than cotton without the growth of any mold and mildew.

Another great advantage of using a hemp face mask is that hemp fiber has the ability to protect from harmful UV rays. Research studies show that hemp face masks are 99.9% effective in blocking both UV-A and UV-B rays. Hemp fabric has a top tier percentile of UPF 50+.

Durable and Long Lasting

Have you ever accidentally ripped your clothes while leaving in a hurry or getting it caught at the door? Most of us have. It’s normal to encounter an occasional tear, here or there.

Sustainable hemp fiber is a tough natural fiber and an abrasion-resistant fabric. Hemp fabrics are spun in a range of colors without the use of dyes. And hemp products could look white, brown, black, grey, or green. The outcome, a more earthy-looking and aesthetically pleasing hemp face mask.

As hemp fiber is natural and biodegradable, it has a myriad of environmental advantages.

Environmentally Sustainable

1400 gallons of water is roughly the amount it takes to produce one pound of cotton.

what are the benefits of hemp?

A research study by UNESCO-IHE called The Water Footprint of Cotton Consumption sheds light on data that about 3% of the total water used in agriculture consumption is for cotton. The world cotton production from 1997 to 2001 required 227 gigaliters of water (i.e.) 227,000,000 liters of water.

It is upsetting to notice that countries that are the major producers of cotton are losing their freshwater resources and are looking at the complexities of desertification and habitat loss. But hemp, on the other hand, requires less than half the amount of water as cotton. Hemp plants grow faster and manufacturing of hemp fiber is faster than cotton.

Hemp produces over 200% more fiber than cotton cultivated on the same land.  Pesticide use is a prerequisite for the processing of uninfected cotton fibers which may pose a risk to skin as well.

Hemp face masks are a viable alternative for people who have chemical sensitivities or allergies and worry about potential chemicals in cotton face masks. Hemp face masks are as light as cotton and an environmentally-conscious substitute to their cotton counterparts.

Final Thoughts

With the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainable face masks will be an essential product for daily survival.

As the exploration for more viable and sustainable products peaks, there will be a subsequent increase in the demand for organic hemp products, including hemp face masks.

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