Over the last few years CBD has gained a lot of popularity in the wellness arena. Although there’s still many grey areas when it comes to CBD, and more scientific research is needed it has made some progress. One study published in ‘The Permanente Journal’, saw that applying CBD oil on patients with anxiety and sleep disorders provided relief to more than 79% of patients. So, what CBD products can we look forward to after a difficult 2020 and the start of a new year?

Before we learn the best CBD products to buy in 2021, let’s first understand what to look for when purchasing CBD products.

What do look for when buying CBD products

The best CBD products for 2021 are the ones that come from trustworthy companies with good business practices, like Come Back Daily CBD. Because the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD products, consumers rely on CBD brands to be straightforward about the quality of their products. At Come Back Daily CBD we only carry brands that meet the following criteria:

  1. Purity – The brand can provide independent third-party lab testing results to show exactly what is in their CBD products.

  2. TransparencyThey list all ingredients, information about the sourcing of the product which is clear, and information about the company and its background is comprehensive.

  3. Customer Service The brand is responsive to educating our staff about their products as well as their own customer questions and concerns.

  4. Value – The price range is reflective of the product quality and potency.

The Best CBD Products to Buy in 2021

Check out Come Back Daily’s list of CBD products that you’ll want to have on-hand in 2021.

Cause+Medic – CBD Pain Cream

Cause + Medic CBD Pain Cream Topical

Combining the powerful regenerative properties of 400 mg of water-soluble CBD with other active botanical ingredients, The Cause and Medic CBD pain cream can provide you with relief from aches, pains, sore muscles, arthritis, sprains, strains, and inflammation.

Lock & Key Remedies – 75mg Full Spectrum Softgels

Lock and Key Remedies 75mg full spectrum CBD pills

Lock and Key Remedies CBD Softgels are made with whole-plant hemp extract and a blend of terpenes, formulated for maximum efficacy. Each CBD Softgel has 75mg of CBD.

Come Back Daily – 1500mg CBD Oil – Cool Mint

Come Back Daily Cool Mint 1500mg CBD Oil New

Pure and effective hemp oil with a fresh mint taste. Offered with 1500mg of Full Spectrum CBD, our Come Back Daily CBD oil is perfect for those just exploring the benefits or our loyal customers looking for significant relief.


WYLD CBD – Raspberry Gummies – 500mg

Raspberry Gummies by WYLD CBD

WYLD CBD celebrates what Pacific Northwest provides, by creating treats that coincide with the WYLD CBD ambitions and adventurous lifestyles. Climb cliffs and hike trails; explore our rivers, lakes, oceans, and mountains. Enjoy what brings us together and let WYLD CBD keep us coming back.

TribeTokes – Disposable Vape – Sour Tsunami

Tribe Tokes – Disposable Vape – Mango Haze

Tribe Tokes disposable CBD vape is an all-in-one, use out of the box option, perfect for on-the-go use or travel. It is a substitute for buying a rechargeable vape battery and replacement CBD cartridges, and is great for beginners as an easy starter vape. Not only a great brand but TribeTokes CBD products are #builtbygirls and #poweredbyplants.

Papa & Barkley – 750mg Releaf Body Lotion

Papa & Barkley - 750mg Releaf Body Lotion

Their body lotion combines the powerful effects of fresh-pressed hemp rosin with the hydrating agents in jojoba oil, shea butter and mango seed oil. Enjoy the clean, citrusy scent and smooth application to help calm minor irritation and leave skin feeling flawless.

Nu Bloom Botanicals – Nano Hemp CBD Sleep Spray

Nano Hemp Sleep Spray by Nu Bloom Botanicals

This CBD Sleep Spray leverages the healing powers of the hemp plant plus traditional sleep support ingredients to help you doze. Nu Bloom Botanicals high dose intra-oral CBD Sleep Spray, offers an innovative delivery method which ensures you get the results you want, faster.

KickBack – Matcha Tea


Matcha’cha is our finely ground green tea that is smooth, clean, and refreshing. It’s full bodied texture is encompassed by a subtle sweet vegetal taste and a hint of tannin. Our Matcha is ceremonial and each bag has 200 MG of active CBD.

A CBD Remedy – Pain & Inflammation – ACDC

Pain & Inflammation Tincture by A CBD Remedy

1,500MG CBD in full spectrum and sweet almond oil with ACDC Terpenes for Pain & Inflammation. 60 average size doses per 1oz bottle.

CBD and THC are the most well known, but there are over 100 cannabinoids in hemp! And even more terpenes! You get the full experience hemp has to offer with Full Spectrum oil. Yes, there is even a small amount of THC! However, it is a VERY small amount, below the legal limit of 0.03%. This amount of THC is not enough to be psychoactive in our recommended dose sizes, but it is enough to show up on a drug test.

HHemp.co – Suver Haze – CBD+CBG Pre-Roll

HHemp.co - Suver Haze CBD+CBG Preroll

CBG flower + Suver Haze CBD Flower creates an ultra-entourage effect. Isolated CBG and CBD each have their own beneficial properties, but when CBD and CBG are taken together the health benefits are amplified. CBG + CBD BENEFITS CBG+CBD works naturally with your body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help promote a more balanced you. Where your mind is clear, your body is pain-free and your soul is content.

MedTerra – 25mg Good Morning Capsules

MedTerra - 25mg Good Morning Capsules

Start your day off right with Medterra’s CBD Good Morning soft gels. Our proprietary blend combines the energizing boost of caffeine, B6, and B12 with 25mg CBD, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine to give you mental clarity throughout your day.

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