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CBD products are everywhere! Depending on which state you live in, you can now find CBD and hemp products at gas stations or even your local CVS. But which are the most potent CBD oils on the market? Let Come Back Daily guide you with our curated list of the strongest CBD oils to buy in 2020. From full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils to isolates.

The legal landscape surrounding cannabidiol—the naturally occurring compound found in cannabis and hemp is already confusing, along with the technical types of cannabidiol. So, before we dive into the list, let’s first learn about the three major types of CBD.

What are the 3 major types of CBD?

CBD products are not all created equal. Learn more about the three different types of CBD products you can buy that are:

Full-Spectrum CBD is a whole plant extract, meaning it contains all the chemical compounds present in the cannabis plant, including 0.3% THC. Full-spectrum CBD products are long-lasting and give better relief.

Broad-Spectrum CBD contains all the cannabis plant’s chemical compounds except THC. Broad-spectrum CBD products are suitable for those who need to reap the plant’s benefits without getting high.

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD, making it an excellent option for those looking for THC-free products.

The Strongest CBD Oils to Buy in 2020

  1. A CBD Remedy – Stress & Anxiety – OG Kush

Many people who battle anxiety and stress, try these highly potent CBD oils.

A CBD remedy’s stress and anxiety tincture is a full-spectrum oil infused in almond oil. But what makes this CBD oil stand out?

First, it’s full-spectrum, which means that you get all the terpenes, essential oils, other non-psychotic cannabinoids, and less than 0.3%THC. The combination gives the oil a rare entourage effect, leaving you energetic. The low THC level in this CBD oil means you cannot get a head-high. Instead, it produces a more calming effect.

Second, people revere the sweet flavor and aroma from the almond oil, which makes the CBD irresistible. Did we mention that the bottle holds up to 60 droppers in a 10oz bottle?

Ironically, OG Kush CBD oil is hemp-derived, and numerous tests take place to maintain the right THC levels. Are you looking for a holistic approach to reducing stress and anxiety, or to wind down after a busy day? A CBD Remedy’s Stress & Anxiety oil is definitely worth a try.

2. MedTerra – 3000mg Tincture

MedTerra - 3000mg tinctureMedterra’s Tincture is one of the purest and most potent CBD products on the CBD market. The tincture comprises 99% CBD and MCT oil (derived from coconut), which acts as the carrier. Besides its high potency, it is relatively affordable and easy to use.

What makes this MedTerra tincture safe to use? Organically grown hemp is the primary source. To achieve this status, it means that the oil complies with the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program requirements. Before processing the hemp and packaging, MedTerra undergoes a third-party laboratory test to keep the THC and pesticides at 0%.

You can take this product during the day or at night. Each 3000mg can give you 30ml, which means you can get (30) 1 ml servings. MedTerra has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Should you get any side effects during this period, you can return it for a full refund. However, the premium quality of this tincture means that there’s little chance you’ll want to send it back.

Here is the mother of all Strongest CBD Oils

3. Lock & Key Remedy – Extreme Edition Tincture – 4000mg

Lock & Key Remedies hemp extracts are handcrafted to meet your wildest expectations for a CBD oil. It is a product of the whole hemp plant, which means you get all the awesomeness therein. The ingredients in this tincture are full-spectrum whole-plant hemp extract, proprietary botanical terpene blend, proprietary essential oil blend, and medium-chain triglycerides.

The combination not only ensures that you get full-entourage effects, but its potency is also used by many in hopes of helping ease anxiety, muscle spasms, and inflammation amongst other things.

This Strongest CBD Oil tincture is so potent that the effects start manifesting instantly after ingesting it. Lock & Key Remedies is the solution for people that loathe smoking or vaping. The high purity levels make this CBD tincture one of the most sought-after in the market. Get ready to enjoy un-disrupted peace of mind with Lock & Key Remedies extreme edition tincture.

4. Come Back Daily – Cool Mint CBD Oil – 1500mg

What can 1500mg of full-spectrum CBD extract offer? Your guess is as good as the fact; jam-packed synergy. Many people who battle chronic pain or inflammation from fibromyalgia or arthritis are trying CBD Oils to see if they can help ease some of the symptoms.

Unlike many CBD oils crafted from an isolate CBD, Come Back Daily’s first CBD oil is a Full Spectrum CBD oil extracted from hemp that is organically grown in New York State. The THC levels for this product meet the maximum threshold of 0.3% or less, ruling out the possibility of getting a high effect. To achieve this, Come Back Daily CBD oils are tested by a NY state-approved laboratory.

If relief is what you’re looking for, this is the right CBD oil for you. The combination of terpenes, non-psychotic cannabinoids, and essential oils gives this formula a distinct cool mint flavor, aroma, and full spectrum entourage effect. Try Come Back Daily’s Cool Mint CBD Oil today.

5. Care Division – Mend – 1000mg Pain Relief Aid

Physical day-to-day pain is not fun to deal with. But, Care Division Pain Relief Aid is built for those looking to try an alternative, natural solution. Here is how this tincture works:

Hemp and black cumin seed


Care Division - Mend Tincture

The formulation of Care Division’s CBD tincture (100mg) makes it outstanding. Check this breakdown:

– 30 dropper fulls/bottle

– 1000mg CBD/bottle

– 33mg CBD/dropper full

– 1.5mg CBD/drop

The list above shows the tincture’s label. Many that purchase this CBD Oil take 1-2 full droppers per day in hopes of easing chronic pain and inflammation. The Black Cumin Seed oil is equally important since it also gives this tincture an irresistible flavor. It’s time to give the potent Care Division – mend pain relief !

6. Plant People – Sleep Drops 1440mg

Has the thought of getting enough sleep after consuming CBD ever crossed your mind? This is not just wishful thinking anymore, thanks to Plant People’s 1440mg Sleep Drops. This full-spectrum CBD contains non-psychotic cannabinoids and terpenes.

7. Ojai Energetics – 250mg Tincture

Ojai Energetics - 250mg tincture

The water-soluble properties give Ojai Energetics an edge over other CBD oils. This oil is not the strongest in terms of milligrams but the effects are shockingly instant and the bioavailability of Ojai’s water-soluble CBD boosts the effects of this very special CBD oil. The Ojai Energetics Super CBD 250mg is one of the best CBD oils to buy in 2021. The terpenes and other non-psychotic cannabinoids give this CBD oil the much sought-after entourage effects. The hemp from which this CBD oil is extracted grows organically, making it safe for use. Why not try Ojai Energetics 250mg Tincture?

This article is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any ailments – it’s merely an informational article to help those interested in CBD gain more knowledge about the strongest CBD oils on the market. Always consult with a doctor before adding anything new (natural, or prescription) into your regular routine.

The Come Back Daily Commitment

When you buy CBD online from Come Back Daily, you can trust that you’re getting the best CBD products possible due to Come Back Daily’s curation process. Our CBD experts review and hand-select all of the products in Come Back Daily’s online CBD shop. We review the lab results and test each product before on-boarding new brands. Come Back Daily is the most trusted Online CBD Store, we were voted #1 CBD Shop by NYC Norml. If you have any questions about CBD or what to buy, we’re available most times on live chat, or by email. We’d love to hear from you.

Posted on: October 16, 2020

Written by: Rachel Margolin

Categorized in: CBD Oil

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