Tricolla Farms: Our Visit to the Tonic CBD Farm

Tonic vibes and tricolla farms founders

     This week, Come Back Daily took a trip up to Berkshire, NY to visit our friends at Tonic CBD at Tricolla Farms. Founders Britanny and Eric Carbone manage a ten-acre hemp farm in this upstate New York region. They are the passionate and innovative entrepreneurs behind the Tonic CBD tinctures we carry in our store! Our eyes widened as we made our way onto the Tricolla farm property. We stopped to take in the gorgeous green tapestry of hills, trees, and the many neat processions of hemp shrubs.

The start of it all…

            We were greeted on arrival by Eric Carbone and his Father-In-Law. They pulled up to our car on their John Deere utility vehicle perfectly suited for farmland maintenance. Our conversation quickly dove into their story. Like many great businesses, Tricolla Farms came to be out of personal need. At the start of it all, Brittany was a personal fitness trainer and Eric was working in construction. The stress and anxiety of everyday life prompted them to consider many types of wellness products, including cannabis formulations.

Over time, they became increasingly dissatisfied with the after-effects of these products that sometimes even amplified their anxiety. Further, they were uncomfortable with the lack of transparency about the true ingredients and dosages in the products they were consuming. They felt inspired to research the efficacy of the hemp plant, a sister to marijuana, which they discovered could have just as many health benefits without the concern of euphoria.

tricolla farms hemp ny

How it all came together…

            Brittany’s background in personal training came with a deep understanding of alternative holistic medicines. She provided her clients with remedies including the Ashwagandha root and Black Seed oil. Today, Brittany incorporates these ingredients in many Tonic products that work synergistically with their farm’s hemp oils. At the same time, Eric’s background in construction became a strong foundation for the infrastructure of a hemp farm. And so, the idea of Tricolla farms became a viable business.

Consequently, they did their research, received a permit, and gave way to “Tonic CBD.” To this day, Brittany and Eric work tirelessly on their mission to create handcrafted high-quality products.

Brittany and eric Carbone, Founder & CEO of tonic vibes

We walked through the rows of pungent hemp plants, taking generous whiffs of their unique strains including “Special Sauce” and “Hawaiian Haze.” Eric, the master grower at Tricolla, demonstrated his encyclopedic knowledge and passion for farming as he escorted us through the field.

Learning about the hemp plant at Tricolla Farms…

We were fascinated by Eric’s explanation of the physical resilience of the hemp plant. It can grow in any kind of soil, does not require much water, and can even mend itself if split in half! What’s the worst thing that could happen, we asked? The perils of flash flooding that can happen these days. The couple described how they had to urgently harvest a quarter of their farm produce one afternoon as the area was deluged by many inches of rain in the space of 30 minutes. Overall, when you are vulnerable to the erratic behavior of Mother Nature you have to be on your toes as a hemp farmer.

However, diligence and preparation can mitigate such risks and the opportunity for hemp is enormous. Eric and Brittany describe the commodity as the “missing link” in America; It was put on earth to nourish us, clothe us, house us, and heal us. 

tricolla farms tonic cbd hemp plant

The ethos of Tonic CBD…

With the decriminalization of cannabis, Brittany and Eric hope to encourage many other small farms. They emphasize the importance of helping their neighboring farms in an effort to fight dominating corporate businesses that profit by means of high quantities, but at a cost to quality. Tonic’s plan is to establish a niche brand of high-quality wellness products. Small acreage enables them to gently handle each flower and maintain as much of the whole plant as possible. For this reason, Tonic offers mostly Broad and Full spectrum products in order to provide the magical “entourage effect” among the cannabinoids in the entire plant. 

You can shop all things Tonic CBD in our store locations or online!