What are doctors saying about CBD?

Are you curious what doctors are saying about CBD? Read more to see how CBD is making its way into modern medicine.

Move over opioids, CBD is in the house!

Doctors are heralding CBD as a new medicine and a new way to treat many ailments without traditional Big Pharma drugs. Medication used to treat illnesses like seizures, epilepsy, stress depression, and anxiety are drugs constructed by big pharmaceutical companies and sold with a hefty price tag. Doctors are now saying CBD is breaking the mold by offering patients an affordable alternative way to treat their illnesses, explaining that CBD is an effective form of pain treatment as well as comparatively healthy in contrast to addictive painkillers.

One thing is for certain, if you consult with your doctor regarding your illness, your doctor might prefer to support big pharma medications. Doctors and hospitals have an agreement with drug manufacturers to promote their newest and latest drugs. Big pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars on developing relationships with individual hospitals to promote their drugs.

With this being said, it is a doctor’s obligation to offer you the best treatments available. Therefore, if you are prescribed an addictive pain killer such as OxyContin, you may alternatively ask your doctor what he thinks about CBD, and in return your doctor should provide you with accurate information. Once you discover that doctors are in agreement that CBD is an effective way to treat multiple illnesses, your life will never be the same. So get out, question your prescription, and give your doctor a call.  Discover new affordable ways to treat your illness. CBD may be able to help you, please consult your doctor today!