What Are Premium Brands That Sell CBG Products in The Market?


Cannabigerol has become one of the premiere compounds to be used in the treatments of anxiety and stress. It has amazing innate healing and soothing properties. If you can regularly administer a certain amount of Cannabigerol in the form of supplements of tinctures your daily life will be free-flowing and stress less. Nowadays the hype for CBG is so much, that a tremendous number of brands and manufacturing companies are investing a huge amount of money to provide you the best possible CBG supplements and concoctions.

Top CBG brands

CBG has become a popular buzzword in the Cannabinoid based supplements space since several research stories have come up stating their potential benefits. Many brands have come up with their effective formulations concerning CBG supplements and concoctions. We will be answering the question “what are CBG brands” in this article.

  • H Hemp: H Hemp is one of the premier brands which provide you the CBG flower and CBG Prerolls based products. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado, United States of America. They have their in-house blend of CBD and CBG compounds which they use in all their range of Cannabinoid based products.
  • Vermont Hemp health: Vermont Hemp Health is another premier brand that provides you a wide range of CBD and CBG based products. They use single-sourced hemp flowers for all their concoctions and formulations. They CBG oils are one of the best CBG products offered by them.
  • Fenix Hemp: Fenix Hemp is an artisan CBD-CBG brand that is known both for its topical and traditional CBG and CBG based products. They are known to provide an artisan touch to their product range. From high-quality CBG hemp flowers to tinctures, their own-farm sourced Cannabinoid products are a must-try.

what are CBG brands

Source of CBG; from where it is procured:

Now that you know what are CBG brands, let’s discuss it’s the source. CBG is primarily sourced from hemp. The ripened Cannabis flowers are the source of this gem. This is found in very few amounts in each flower and constitutes only about 0.8-.03% of the total cannabinoids found in the plant. The reason behind it lies in its biochemistry.

So, we hope that you have got some answers to your question regarding ‘what are CBG brands’. The brands that we have mentioned give you the promise of quality and come with a perfect blend of craftsmanship and organically manufactured products. Although, the base of all these products is the hemp flowers. It is also the secret to the premier quality cannabinoid-based supplements. To get premium quality CBD or CBG based supplements and concoctions you should always read the packaging and related description of your product. Do not forget to learn about the source of the hemp flower as it is the primary source of all Cannabinoids.

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