What Are The Common Extraction Methods Of CBD?


CBD or Cannabidiol based products such as CBD oils, tinctures, have Cannabidiol as their principal ingredient. For this reason, it must be extracted first from the Cannabis plants which are the primary source of these groups of chemicals. As opined by experts, the Cannabis or hemp flowers act as the primary and most abundant source of CBD. Nowadays these flowers have been bred selectively to optimize and increase the organic production of CBD. You might ask, how is CBD extracted from plants? As a simple answer to your question, it can be said that there are many ways to extract this particular compound from the hemp flowers. Some of which are high yielding, some are less efficient, some are costly. In this article, we will be focusing on some of the methods via which CBD can be extracted from fully developed hemp flowers.

Basic Solvent method of How is CBD extracted:

The answer to the question of “how is CBD extracted” is solved through this article. Solvent extraction is a common and inexpensive method which involves the usage of decarbox through the plant and runs a liquid formulated solvent. This solvent removes any and every cannabinoid compound along with some terpene from the hemp. Generally non-polar solvents like butanol, ethanol, or hexane. After this extraction procedure gets completed, the liquid is evaporated which leaves the crudes cannabinoid extract.

how is CBD extracted

Although it is a cheap method of extraction, there are many drawbacks to this method. First of which is the fire hazard. Working with ethanol, butanol can be dangerous as these compounds can cause a fire even with the slightest exposure to a heating source. The second drawback is the quality of crude extract. The extracts obtained via this method results in a thick, dark, bitter Cannabinoid extract which is filled with plant debris and chlorophyll.

CBD extraction with Olive oil:

In this method also, the plant matter that you are using need to be decarboxylated first. This process is achieved by heating the plant parts and the compounds get activated by this action. After this initial part is completed, the plant matter is then heated with olive oil or oil of your choice for a few hours. In this method, the Cannabinoids bind with the saturated and unsaturated fats of the oil and creates an infusion emulsion. After the heating step, the plant material along with the concoction should be left for some time to cool down and the plant materials can be sieved later on with a filter paper or with a mesh filter.

Supercritical CO2 based CBD extraction:

This is the most sophisticated method of CBD extraction. It is an advanced and completely customizable method as well from where you can obtain the maximum amount of CBD. In this method, CO2 is manipulated in such a way that it enters a supercritical state and creates a condition where it can stay both as a liquid and a gas.  This supercritical CO2 is pumped through the Cannabis flowers multiple times and at multiple temperatures at different solubilities. This is known as fractionation. It gives completely contaminant-free CBD Studies and other Cannabinoid based derivatives. It is the process that is used by most of the research labs and industries.

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