What is isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum CBD?

CBD oil comes in many forms. Let’s learn in what forms you can enjoy CBD oil
There are many different forms of CBD. Discovering which one is right for you can be a tricky task. Today we will talk about the differences between CBD isolate, full spectrum and broad spectrum. By knowing the differences between the three you can discover which one is appropriate for you.


The terms CBD isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum may sound confusing, but are very simple.

Let’s begin with CBD isolate:

CBD isolate is for those who are looking 99%+ percent pure CBD that contains absolutely no THC. CBD isolate is a process of extraction in which all of the plant matter including traces of THC, turpens, chlorophyll and everything else is removed. With CBD isolate you have to take into consideration the level of purity. If you are looking for pure CBD oil, the check the manufacture label to see what percentage your CBD is. Some CBD oil can be 99% pure, some can be 99.5% pure, and others can guarantee you 99.9% purity with no identifiable amounts of other cannabinoids. Occasionally there is a small percentage of trace amounts of THC which is negligible and of no importance.

Next we look at full spectrum CBD oil:

Full spectrum CBD oil we can also label as a comprehensive option. This means that the CBD oil contains other cannabinoids found in the plant. Full spectrum CBD is currently the most popular because if you have the full spectrum of cannabinoids they can play off each other to give you maximum effect.

Finally we have broad spectrum CBD oil:

Broad Spectrum CBD contains many other cannabinoids but contains zero THC. One guarantee with broad-spectrum is that it will always have zero THC. By preserving other cannabinoids like terpenes and others, broad spectrum CBD is an excellent choice for those who cannot have any THC in the system.  If you would still like to encounter the many diverse effects that marijuana has to offer, without THC, then Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is for you!