Real Talk: Humble Bloom’s Session for Men

Come Back Daily took part in Humble Bloom’s Men’s Session: Achieving Homeostasis in Vulnerability, Wellness & Cannabis Consumption. The cannabis community gathered at The Assemblage to engage in an emotional workshop exclusively for men. The highlighted discussion was how cannabis can open up larger conversation on men’s wellness.

Come Back Daily held a booth where we provided Care Division tinctures and Lock & Key Remedies vapes. This was an opportunity to educate guests on how CBD can be a part of a man’s self care routine.

What did we hear?

A series of panelists spoke on men’s health. At first, the event was kicked off by Jose Alejandro who spoke on journaling. Alejandro encouraged self reflection for improved mental clarity.

In the same vein, this opener transitioned into a discussion led by Sir Roan on the power of intention. Put simply, Sir Roan claimed that clearly defined goals can help with manifestation.

What did the men practice?

Subsequently, attendees were invited to join a meditation session. It was time to calm all the excitement of this event. First, everyone got comfortable in their chairs and closed their eyes. Then, specialist Carlos Alberto guided this mindfulness conditioning.

After that, attendees broke off into groups to practice being open and vulnerable. Part of healthy masculinity is staying in touch with one’s feelings. These exercises were not what most guests expected, but everyone walked away with a new outlook on managing emotions.

Finally, thank you Humble Bloom for hosting this event and having Come Back Daily provide CBD products. Most importantly, thank you to all the men who came out to learn more about how to take care of themselves!