Will CBG show on a drug test?

A lot of people believe that, if they take any cannabinoid related supplements in their daily routine, they will test positive on a drug test. Will CBG show on drug test? Everyone should know that THC is what shows up on a drug screening, usually, they do not test for other cannabinoids This is the primary answer to this question, however it gets tricky. Especially in cases like employment sectors, sports sectors, substance abuse programs, and parole-related issues; where drug screening is a routine examination people fear they could lose their job for having any amount of THC in their system.

To be honest, there is not a single answer to this question, as there are many forms and formulations of CBG and cannabinoid-related supplements available on the market and people have different ways of using them. It also depends on the testing methods, but there are certain definite factors that you can note down on this subject. Let us take a quick and detailed look into it.

CBG drug testing, a breakdown:

Cannabigerol if used in the form of an isolated cannabinoid does not show up in a drug screening. The reason isolated CBG won’t show up on a drug test is that general testing panels do not usually look for Cannabigerol. The principal component they are testing for is Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, most CBG products available are full-spectrum, not isolated. For example, these Prerolls with CBG contain up to 0.3% THC which may have an effect on your drug test.

If you are using a full spectrum product which many of our CBG products are, these prerolls alike will contain up to 0.3% THC along with other naturally occurring compounds like CBG, CBC, etc.   This amount of THC will not give you a high but it is possible you could have a positive drug test if this supplement is taken at high concentrations regularly. Currently, there we only carry full-spectrum CBG products that might give positive-results in tests however are much more effective than isolated CBG products.

So there grows a question, Will CBG show on a drug test if you take concentrated Cannabigerol based products?

CBG drug tests are not currently in use, however, some CBG products may contain trace amounts of THC. Furthermore, the testing technique plays a key role in your outcome. Drug tests can be performed from hair, urine, and saliva. All of these testing methods can detect different concentrations of Cannabinoids (compounds found in cannabis and hemp) and the levels of accumulated Cannabinoids detectable on a certain date will vary a lot according to the type of test used.

There are, however, factors like your metabolic rate and exercise activity levels. Your metabolism can degenerate the cannabinoids to digest it which is proportional to your activity rates. Generally, these broken-down cannabinoids pass through your renal system and get excreted faster the more active you are.

Will CBG show on drug test

What to do if you still test positive for Cannabinoid related compounds?

Fortunately, there are no reports of CBG being considered a banned compound. Even then if you test positive for CBG directly in the drug test that would not be cause for alarm. If you test positive for THC that may be a problem depending on your situation.

If you are using completely THC free products, there are almost no chances of becoming positive in a drug test. Most CBG based products have 0.03% THC. This amount is not considered a viable amount in most drug tests but repeated use and when you use the products may add trace levels of THC to your system.

Hence, it can be said that you need to be careful about picking the CBG product you are using. If you’re careful and read the contents of your CBG based products thoroughly, you can easily stay away from any drug test related problems.

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