Will you test positive on a drug test if you use CBG?


A lot of people have a stigma that, if they take any cannabinoid related supplement in their daily routine, they would test positive on a drug test. Will CBG show on drug test? It is their primary question. This is especially applicable in cases like employment sectors, sports sectors, substance abuse programs, and parole related issues; where dope testing is a routine examination.

To be honest, there is not a single answer to this question, as there are many forms and formulations of cannabinoid related drugs available in the market and people have a different way of using it. It also depends on the testing methods, but there are certain definite factors that you can note down on this subject. Let us take a quick and detailed look into it.

CBG and drug testing, a complete record:

Cannabigerol if used in the form of an isolated cannabinoid does not show up in a dope test. The reason behind it is that general dope tests do not look for Cannabigerol. The principal component is Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Will CBG show on drug test

Now, if you are using a complete spectrum of Cannabinoid based supplements, it will contain THC along with components like CBD Studies, CBG, CBC, etc. It is possible to have a positive drug test if this supplement is taken at high concentrations regularly. Currently, there is the only information regarding THC available across the companies making Cannabinoid based products, that it might give positive-results in tests.

So there grows a question that, Will CBG show on drug test if you take concentrated Cannabinoid based products?

  • As mentioned before, the testing technique plays a key role in this. The drug tests can be performed from hair, urine, and saliva. Both can harbor different concentrations of Cannabinoid compounds and the levels of accumulated Cannabinoids products will vary a lot according to the source used for the test.
  • Also, the sensitivity of the testing method is another determining factor. Generally, the GC-MS method (gas-Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectrometry) is used to detect the amounts. Highly sensitive methods like High-performance Liquid Chromatography can detect even lesser amounts of Cannabinoid compounds present in your body.
  • There are also factors like your metabolic rate and activity levels. Your metabolism can degenerate the cannabinoids to digest it which is proportional to your activity rates. Generally, these broken-down cannabinoids pass through your renal system and get excreted.

Will CBG show on drug test

What to do if you still test positive for Cannabinoid related compounds?

  • As mentioned before, till now there are no reports of CBG being considered as a banned compound. Even then if you test positive in the drug test via urine, saliva drug test, ask for a more specific confirmatory test like HPLC or UPLC. These are more expensive to perform but are extremely accurate.
  • If you are using completely THC free products, there are almost no chances of becoming positive in a drug test. Maximum CBG based products are either completely free of THC or have 0.03% THC. This amount is not considered as a viable amount in mostcases.

Hence, it can be said that there is nothing to worry but you need to be careful regarding the product you are using. If you’re careful and read the contents of your CBG based products thoroughly, you can easily stay away from any drug test related problems.

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