Women’s Empowerment Month Kick Off Panel Recap


This past Friday, March 1, 2019 was the kick off of Women’s Empowerment Month. The entire month is going to be filled with inspirational and educational events that are designed to increase awareness surrounding women’s empowerment.Come Back Daily kicked off this month with a panel of 8 powerful women speakers that delivered powerful insights into the cannabis industry. Take a look at the lineup of speakers who presented their ideas.

●Charlotte Palermino – Nice Paper

●Sarah Remesch – Viride & New HIghs CBD

●Shira Adler – Shire Synergy

●Tanya Osborne – Women Grow

●Dr. Monica Taing – Doctors for Cannabis Regulation

●Brittany Carbone – Tonic Vibes

●Sheri Tarr – 68 Partners

●Kebra Smith-Holden – Cannahealth

The lineup was so impactful that we sold out of all our tickets, and packed the house full. The overall message discussed was building your cannabis brand. Branding is one of the major challenges that stand in the way of companies reaching the goals that they desire. Essentially, the general consensus between the speakers was that companies need to spend more time and effort on branding themselves within the area that their target market inhabits. The speakers also touched on the subject of compliance, following the laws, and keeping up with industry changes.Being careful with how you says things is more important than ever before in today’s market place. Companies must be very careful about how they market and what wording they use. Statements like “This is not scientifically backed and has not been explicitly backed by DR’s”, is an absolving statement that is absolutely critical in remaining complainant.After sharing industry knowledge and speaking on the powerful ways to build your cannabis brand, Tonic Vibes provided CBD pre-rolled joints for people to try at to finish it off. Our sold out event was truly informational. Women’s Empowerment Month is just beginning. See you around the shop!